10 Reasons to Order Leeches from Leech.com!

1. Leeches are Easy to Order!

Our award-winning website makes it quick and easy for you to select and purchase your leeches from a wide variety of choices! 

2. Express Delivery, Tracked!

Once we receive your order, it gets processed fast and, if supplies are available, your leeches go out to you the same week or sometimes the very day after you order. Once dispatched, you will get a tracking number and your leeches and leech supplies will get delivered to your doorstep several working days later. You will be able to track the delivery process 24 hours a day. This guarantees you 100% survival rate on your leeches. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, ALL ORDERS OVER $300, GET FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

3. Leeches are Premium Quality and we offer Leech Supplies!

We have transformed the leech industry with our extremely high quality leeches and a wide array of leech care supplies. If you've never bought leeches from us before, its worth ordering, just to try them! You will be amazed at how beautiful, strong, robust and easy-to-care-for they are. Our muscular leeches will spoil you so much that you will never want to order leeches elsewhere.

4. No one does it better than Leech.com !

If you want to change your leech supplier, now is the time to do it. No one in the industry compares to our high standards and no one has measured up our quality, variety, ease, delivery and customer service. 

5. 100% Live-Arrival Guaranteed!

Leech.com guarantees your leeches will arrive alive, its simple as that. If for some reason you did not receive your order this way, just send us a picture the same day you receive it, with the leeches and delivery label in the picture and we will replace them for free or refund your purchase!

6. No Seasonal Breaks in the Leech Shipment Schedule

Do you need leeches in summer, winter, spring or fall? No problem! Needing live leeches in Winter? No worries! Require leeches during any other season? We are always here, we offer leeches for sale and ready to send you the leeches you purchased! While other suppliers stop distributing leeches in the summer months, Leeches.com never stops! While other suppliers raise prices in winter, when supplies are low, leeches.com maintains the same great prices throughout the year! 

7. Our Customer Service is Unparalleled!

We’re happy if you’re happy! We are always here to help and if you have any question whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us. We answer all emails within 5 hours, every day, including weekends and holidays. You can also checkout our Leech Information and Tutorial Videos. 

8. Leech Ordering and Shipping is Worldwide!

No matter where you are in the world, we ship Leeches to your location. The leeches will arrive alive to your doorstep, just a few days after shipping.

9. Hassle-Free  Leech Re-Shipments

If your order has not arrived not in 100% alive condition, we will organize order reshipment, just as soon as you contact us with a picture on your delivery day. The process is easy and simple. If you prefer, alternatively, you may receive a refund on your purchase. 

10. We Help you get the Most out of Your Leeches through Leech Information

Refer to the numerous Leech Tutorials and Information Videos on the Leech.com website, to help you learn more about leech care, leech use and enjoying your leech pets. We are here to help you get the most enjoyment out of your newly purchased leeches!


Leeches sold here are living animals & pets and should be treated with great care. We are not an emergency medical leech supplier, if you have any deadlines whatsoever, please locate the appropriate medical leech shipper near you. Leech.com does not supply any drugs or medical instruments and devices. Your purchase is protected by a 100% Live-Arrival Guarantee!