Leeches produce the Best Fertilizer for your Plants.

Leech Compost Tea:

Among the many uses of leeches, among the most useful one is to make compost tea for your house plants, flowers, garden trees, shrubs and bushes! Who would have thought that a mere collection of 20 jumbo leeches could make enough compost tea to last you a full year without any maintenance and 3-4 years with minimal maintenance. Who would have guessed that this leech collection his would be enough to enrich your soil endlessly without the added expense of feeding, or upkeep! Yes, its true, leeches make nutrient-rich compost tea and all you need to do is collect it and use it.

Background Information on Leeches:

Leeches are exotic pets with unique behavior and lifestyle. Leeches come from the family of flatworms, but they live in an aquatic environment. Living in the water, the worm goes on excreting an endless amount of greenish-brown organic excrement, that turns their water yellowish-green and rich in organically processed and digested nutrients, micro-elements and enzymes. Using their water for your plants will have a tremendous impact in the health and vitality of your greenery.

Leeches are easily kept at home and the water they live in is to be replaced weekly. The old leech water is simply gathered and used as a rich fertilizer on any plant life. 

Here is how its done: 

When the leech water changes color to yellow or green and becomes cloudy, foggy or murky, its time to change your leech water and use that leech compost tea, to water your plants and trees! Leech water turns into the perfect fertilizer and your house plants and flowers will love you for it.

Leeches who are bloodsuckers possess a special quality enzyme that breaks down blood particles into extremely important and rich compounds to be used in the garden. The leeches use a strong enzyme called Hirudin to digest the ingested blood and release a yellowish-green, sometimes brown excrement in fluid form. This liquid excrement represents a combination of assimilated, processed blood and the leeches' strong stomach enzymes. These rich in micro-elements help break-down soil buildup and provide very important minerals for the soil, which stimulate plant growth.

Flowers planted in the home and watered with leech compost, form a healthy and lush leaf mass and a strong root system. Blood is a known fertilzier, but Processed blood is ten times superior! This natural fertilizer tea is high in iron, nitrogen and zinc.

Other ingredients that nourish and enrich the water are the skins of the leeches. Similar to snakes, leeches change their old skin, by shedding it into the water. When the old skin is removed from the leech's body, it is deposited at the bottom of the leech bucket or vessel where the leech worms live, forming a cloudy formation. The skins and leeches of the leeches add an additional organic element to the water compost slurry.

How to get this special manure out of your leeches:

You need to keep a good number of leeches as permanent residents in your house. First, start off by purchasing a suitable habitat for your new compost-producing pets ( such as the leech bucket ) or any large pot with a lid will work: a bucket with lid and holes, a jar, or a bottle. Fill the pot with rain or tap water. Place the leeches inside, by providing them access to oxygen by way of puncturing holes in their container. The more leeches you have, the faster the water will turn green and your compost tea will form. Balcony and house plants and flowers are especially benefitted by this new inhabitant, as they will get a constant supply of his priceless tea, on a daily or weekly basis. 

If you maintain 100 leeches in a 10-liter bucket, the water-manure will be ready in approximately 3 days. If you spread your leech herd among several leech buckets, your compost tea will be more diluted and if you keep them together, they will produce a more-concentrated fertilizing mixture. To separate the bloodsuckers from the water, you will need the help of a good size strainer and maybe a leech-handling forceps for better control of the animals. Once you've emptied out the old leech manure-water through the strainer, your leeches will be left inside the strainer, then you simply return them back into the empty bucket and fill it up with  fresh new water, which in a few days will become an eco-fertilizer in itself.

This process can go on forever for the entire year, without the need to feed your leeches with anything whatsoever, as they live up to 1 year without feeding and they will continue to produce the precious fertilizer. If you should choose to feed your leeches, they will live upwards of 3-4 years, constantly producing organic fertilizing liquid for your planting and gardening needs. 

Watering with green leech water is beneficial not only for the growth of your plants but is also good for the environment, since you won't need to purchase expensive artificial fertilizer. Everything from flowers, olives, shrubs, grass, trees and plants of all kinds will thrive tremendously well, under the supplementation of such a gentle, yet powerful substance.

What you get from the leeches is so unique, that you won't find it anywhere else on the market or be able purchase such a powerful mixture of elements, that is at the same time easily absorbable by the plants, yet gentle and kind on the plant. Unprocessed raw blood is too harsh and alkaline but leech water is just right. You will never have to worry about dosage or feel the necessity to measure your fertilizer, as it cannot possibly harm plant life, but can only do good things to it. Simply pour all the water from the leeches into your plan pots and watch them grow, like never before. 

Get your leech manure set and never run out of plant nutrition!

Since you never have to worry about harming your plants, you can use up all the leech potion you produce and be set for life with free plant-booster solution for life, if you maintain your leech collection at the same time. You can water yourself with leaking water directly or dilute it with clean water. A cake of leeches will feed your soil better than any other organic or inorganic fertilizer. With our water manure you can also nourish: vegetables, fruit trees, enrich poor soils, but for this you will need a large amount of leeches distributed in water containers. Leaky water does not smell when it is used on days 3 to 4, but if it is left for one week and more time becomes too strong and develops a slight smell. So we recommend to use for watering on the 3rd or 4th day.