About Leech.com - International Leech Supplier

Hirudo Medicinalis Medical Leeches

     Leech.com is an international leech supplier and distributor of Live Leeches. The company works with leech pharms specializing in the cultivation of leech variety currently distributing most of the leeches bought for pets worldwide.

     The company has pioneered supplying leech varieties for sale at affordable prices to the public. We are also the first company to supply leeches at wholesale prices, internationally.

      Leeching is a practice which is currently experiencing a significant revival nowadays. Leeches today are kept by people at home as pets and house companions. Leech compost tea is being used for soil supplementation for house plants and orchard gardens.

     Purchasing leeches from Leech.com guarantees you the highest level of care and quality standard.

     Your purchase is protected by our 100% Alive-Arrival Guarantee!