Vaginal Leech THERAPY to Cures Infertility & Helps you Get Pregnant

Tsetsi is here to inform you today’s about vaginal leeching.

You came here because you are curious.

You clicked on the link to see what the heck is vaginal leeching and why would a woman put out of all things leeches in her vagina.

Well the reason women would put leeches in vagina is to treat some kind of condition or to improve their health and wellbeing or to improve their sensations whatever the reason may be mainly is health reason of course.

But recently, I came across a very very interesting should I say article about a woman placing leeches in her vagina in order to conceive a child at the age of fifty.

So I thought it was quite interesting and I thought I bring it to you attention and show you and comment on it read it for you.

And I am going to also do real live demonstration as real as I can get.

Not using myself but using this little doll.

So I am gonna show you how it’s done and I am gonna comment on the article.

So lets get started.

This is this is who the article is about.

Her name is Nina and this is a woman of fifty ears old who at the age of fifty decided with her second husband that she wanted to get pregnant again after her child was sorry at the age of forty-five she decided to get pregnant again after her son her first child was already twenty eight.

And she decided to turn to hirudotherapist to help her conceive.

Now she’d been diagnosed with what you would call myomas which is uterine formations that are soft tissue that form inside the uterus and she was told that she might have to have hysterectomy in order to resolve that situation.

Not only that but how is she going to be able to conceive when she has this condition.

So decidedly been for lithuania she went for leech therapy and this is what the pregnant mama look like when she indeed conceived at the age of forty five.

Thats thats quite a woman I would say.

Quite a good looking woman and this is of course the same woman with leeches on her spinal cord at the at the moment when she was  delivering the child she was trying to help her pain on her spinal cord.

 By placing leeches on her spinal cord she resolve the pain during birth

And also she which is something I never seen before.

She places leeches on her nipples.

As part of this treatment.

Now lets go ahead and comment on this article.

What she said and I am going to read it to you.

Woman using vaginal leeching for better sex and to conceive.

When you thing of the kind of kinky things you can put into your pussy leeches definitely aren’t one of them.

This is what one woman did however.

In order to trying self get pregnant a woman used vaginal leeches to try and conceive and to also have herself have better sex.

Living in London was great for little ……Nina Evens but she wanted something more out of live.

She got a partner that she loved which is her second husband having married for the second time but it wasn’t enough.

She wanted another baby.

Her first ….twenty eight had given her plenty of joy and so she decided that it was time to try for baby number two with husband number two.

However it seem that things …… quite going to pain out that way for her.

And she went to speak to her doctor.

Discovering  that she actually had a problem.

She was diagnosed with multiple myomas and …….

She was been told that this combined with her age as she was at the age of forty five meant that that…excuse me chances having more children didn’t exist .

She could not have any more children.

Eager to avoid his …… that she needed it.

However rather than loosing all hope that she would never be able to try for baby number two she decided to take maters in her own hands in fact.

She was told that she needed some sort  of alternative therapy.

Leeches were the first spot that Nina had.

She explain in interview with Sun newspaper that her heritage meant been that she was litherania.

She knew leech therapy had been used in the past for whole range of illnesses.

There consider the general cure the leeches and I knew from experience having had leech treatment before that they gave you more energy and a more positive outlook.

She went on to explain that most people see leeches as a scary blood sucking creature but to her they can change your life entirely.

Using the vaginal leeches as Nina’s problem was in fact that she had multiple myomas in her uterus 

The leeches would have to be put in her vagina in order to deal with the problem.

I don’t know about you but the idea having leeches on my body  is worrying enough without than thinking of them been vaginal leeches to use in your pussy.

Nina explain that her first treatment was like having a pap smear.

Explaining that the doctor used plastic device known as a speculum.

This is what the device looks like.

You may have already seen it .

It looks like a little duck.

In fact the other name for the device is a duck.

And the doctor inserted this speculum into her vaginal canal.

And then proceeded to add tree leeches.

And then allow them to do their job.

Still not feeling really comfortable with what he was doing Nina said that in an interview leeches basically attracted themselves to the inside of her services which doesn’t sound very pleasant.

When the therapy was over the leeches drop out.

Some coming out fatter then a bottle of nail polish.

Worrying about the using leeches the idea of putting leeches inside your body so they can help you cure you is pretty intimidating.

And even Nina who had received leech therapy in the past said that the idea of vaginal leeches was a little ………..

However she was certain that nothing else could help her and nothing could go wrong.

For people who are wondering how leeches don’t get left inside someone services.

They are counted in and counted out.

So none will remain inside.

She explained that they naturally drop off when they are full.

So there is no chance of any leeches getting left in your vagina.

Nina felt that the vaginal leeches were doing such a great job that after live five treatments in Russia she got her own leeches so that she could use the vaginal leeches at home in the comfort of her own home.

Pleasant sight effects.

For the curious among you you might be surprised to know that the vaginal leeches did their job.

After eight months of using them Nina discovered that she was pregnant at the age of forty five.

She had much more energy than before but that wasn’t the only sight effect of the leech therapy.

 I was feeling better.

I had more energy and over the next couple of months my period became more accurate.

She then feeling happy that she was starting to see the positive sight effect of therapy continued on her own.

I also noticed that my orgasms were longer and getting more intense.

She confess in an interview stating that she had some of the best orgasms after each different around of treatment.

Now having right this article I would like to put my spin on it and comment considering I’ve had experience with this matter.

Now I haven’t put leeches on myself vaginal applications but I have had many many clients requesting this and I would say in particular russian wimen are extremely versed in doing this therapy.

And they are they go for it.

They they really apply leeches quite allot in the vagina.

And five hundred leeches thats it might sound like allot to you but its not.

Its its allot for one particular aria but its not allot overall.

Because Iike I’ve had quite a number of leeches on myself and authou the were not all done in one place.

They were done in different arias of my body but the number five hundred shouldn’t scary you.

Its not the number overtime.

Its its the way you use them.

Thats whats important.

So lets go ahead and review some of the things you should know about if you decide to go for applying leeches to your vagina at home.

I have my little friend here Mini Mouse who is going to help us demonstrate this process.

And by the way this is Nina after she had her second child.

This is Nina and her grown sun at the time when the article was written she was fifty and she was going for a third child.

Now before I start demonstrating I am going to show you what we are going to do.

This is a picture of how this instrument would be inserted into the vagina.

So its got a closed position and when you pressed it opens up.

So it works just like this .

So As you can see this instrument has been inserted and it reaches to the uterus.

This is what the uterus looks like.

Here is a close up.

Again this boldus formation is the uterus.

 And hysterectomy means removing the uterus and all of its parts.

So that includes the ovaries the two eggs on the sight.

As well as the entire uterus with the crevices.

Now this is what the women vagina looks like.

This whole aria here is called the vulva.

We are not placing leeches anywhere on this aria.

The leeches are placed inside.

And I’ll show you.

And this is the anatomy of the cervix.

This is the uterus and this is what the cervix is.

So the leeches were placed on the cervix.

The cervix is two close lips, they look like a donut.

And they are at the base of the uterus, so right here.

And the lips of the uterus or the cervix as its called is how this is how it looks.

Ant to me in my opinion it doesn’t look much different that a men’s penis head.

Here is another picture of the cervix.

Again it is at the base of the vaginal canal.

And it looks like just a raced donut with a hole in it.

This is a more graphic picture.

So its a donut with a hole.

This is for a woman who is never given birth.

And this is the cervix of the post pregnancy female.

And when you are pregnant you have the baby and the baby is inside the uterus.

And right there is the lips of the uterus or what we call the cervix.

Now I have my jar leeches and little Minny Mouse’s doll is going to help us demonstrate how this is done.

Now I’ve place an opening in a doll and I am just going to show you when the woman is laying down what you wanna do is the legs need to be put together like this.

But the knees have to be opened.

So open up your knees, put your legs and your feet together.

And if you can place a mirror in front of you and shine a light onto your vulva in order for you to be able to see and to be able to do more functional job.

So then you would proceed to insert this instrument.

Once it is inserted you will then you will then open it up and tighting the knob.

Once the knob is tightened the instrument keeps the vagina entirely opened.

And you see that there is a little raised formation at the base of the vagina.

I’ve put an avocado to help me demonstrate.

So this is an avocado seed inside and is just helping you demonstrate there is a raced part inside the vaginal canal which raced part is called the cervix.

And this is exactly what we are going for.

The leech is gonna have to reach at the very base of this canal and reach the raced bump which is the cervix.

And if we have to calculate how many leeches Nina used over the period of eight months I would say she used about seven leeches every week by herself on her cervix inside her vagina.

And I would say she probably used a large size leech.

So something like this.

And this will come out really really huge.

One its full so with the knees open and the feet together you will then ops you will then proceed to place the leech all the way using the forceps all the way inside.

So unless you are all the way deep inside don’t release the leech.

This is for you to prevent the leech getting a hold up the vaginal walls.

Because we don’t want to treat the vaginal walls.

We just want to treat the cervix which is the based of the uterus.

Now the leech is already exploring in there.

Its gonna be extremely attracted to the cervix because the cervix is very well blood supplied.

So high blood circulation in blood supply inside this this formation and the leech is not gonna have any trouble biting and if in case you wondering.

Will my leech get stuck inside ?

What if he get stuck inside my uterus my wound?

And its not gonna be able to come out.

I am here to tell you that there is absolutely no chance the leech getting inside the cervix.

Which is going into the uterul opening the uterus.

There is no way because the walls the lips of the cervix are like the shut closed and there is really not much passing throw or not much chance anything pass throw unless you really pry it open for you to get something inside.

So so the leeches not gonna go inside your wound.

Its only going to bite on the outside which is the cervix.

Which is the lips.

I called it the lips of the uterus but it looks like a round donut with a hole in the middle.

And it also looks like a penis head to me.

Droped our leech.

All right once you place this little guy on the inside of your vagina at the very base as we explained at the very very very dept.

He will unable to ….. bite.

And he will bite the cervix.

And you will perceive to apply tree four five six however many you thing you can take in one siting.

And then once they are finish they will crow out on their own.

You don’t need to pray anything to open again to remove the leeches.

Thats not gonna be happening.

The leeches is gonna crow out by themselves.

Because after they are done they will gonna be looking for a very very wet and very dark moist place to digest the food to digest the blood.

And the only place its going to be suitable for them would be in a jar of water.

So they will not going a stay inside inside.

They will naturally come out.

Even if you remove this duck from the vaginal canal from the vaginal canal.

Even if you place the leeches inside  and you decide this is not feel comfortable you can do so.

You can simply unscrew this scup.

Remove it allow the leech to stay inside and the leech will simply crow out when its done.

Now having said this some wimen do apply leeches on the outside their vagina which is called the vulva with the pussy lips.

You might call it as well.

This this hurts as far as I know and I don’t know what purpose it would serve other then to I am not sure probably for some kind of estidi could be use or to highten sexual sensations or for some other reasons.

But I wouldn’t use it other that to place the leech inside of the curves and for the purposes of getting pregnant or cutting blood supply to myomas which are cancer formations.

So I would use it for that purpose.

If you prefer to film yourself doing it share with me so I can comment if you done it correctly.

That would be also expectable.

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