Terms & Conditions for Shipping Live Leeches

Our Live-Leech Arrival Guarantee

NOTE: Leech deliveries should be regarded with the highest level of importance. Similar to live organ deliveries, these types of shipments are extremely sensitive and highly depended on time and temperature. Time is important even down to the last minute! Leach shipments need to stay cold; this is why if you don't track your order carefully, this could lead to loss of leech lives. Be sure to check your order tracking daily, to ensure your ability to meet the mailman at the point of delivery, and prevent leeches from being delivered inside the mailbox and sitting there for hours.

Leech.com is NOT an Emergency leech shipping service. We may ship Live Leeches almost every business day, starting with Monday. We rarely ship on Saturdays. Orders are always filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to purchase your leeches as soon as possible, to make it for the next leech shipment. Live Leeches are always in limited supply, so be sure to order your leeches sooner rather than later, to be first on the shipment and pre-order list, before leach supplies run out. If the leech supply is finished before your order is filled, it will be fulfilled on the first available date after the next leech stock arrives and is prepared for shipment.

100% Live-Arrival Guarantee Protection & Policy. Purchased Leeches are packed and shipped very carefully, to ensure maximum survival rates. Leech packaging is done in such as way so as to ensure that the bloodsuckers arrive alive at your doorstep. Nevertheless, despite our efforts, sometimes during the heavy trip, packaging might come undone and leeches might crawl into the outside space and/or get crushed by the tons of heavy weight of mail and parcels on top of them, among other things that could go wrong en-route. If for some reason some of your leeches do not arrive alive, follow these steps, to qualify for the Live-Arrival Guarantee protection:

1. ON ARRIVAL DAY, take a single picture of your leeches in the original container, placed on top of the original packaging with the shipping label clearly visible.

2. ON ARRIVAL DAY, send us the photo by email, letting us know if you prefer re-shipment or a refund. Normally, we process 2 re-shipments, before processing a refund. 

3. IF YOU FOLLOWED STEP 1 & 2, you will be placed on the leech re-delivery roster for the same or the following week. The re-shipped leeches can be combined with a new order that you have already placed. You will be given 1st priority in this case.

YOU ARE NOT COVERED BY THE 100% ALIVE GUARANTEE IF you did contact us on the day of arrival with a picture. One day or sometimes even a few hours in a hot mailbox can be deadly to the leeches and Leeches.com does not take responsibility of the leaches, beyond the delivery point

YOU ARE NOT COVERED BY THE 100% ALIVE GUARANTEE IF You did not send us a picture of the damage on the delivery day.

Question: WHAT IF I COULD NOT SEND MY PICTURE THE SAME DAY? - A Re-Delivery FEE of $30 applies only within a 3-day window of your delivery date. This fee has to be paid and a picture has to be submitted in this 3-day window, before you can get your leeches re-delivered. Click Here to make your re-delivery payment.

Alternatively, if you place a new order for the same value, your old order that is lacking proof of damage will be replaced as a courtesy, and you would not have to pay another re-delivery fee.

If 2 or more attempts have been made to deliver leeches to you and they do not arrive alive at your address, this means your address is undeliverable to us and you would not qualify for any more deliveries from Leech.com in the future. At this point, we would remove you from our client database.

If you choose to receive a refund, rather than a re-shipment, or if you did not contact us on the delivery day and you demand a refund, we charge you 20% cancellation fee and we would no longer be able to service you as a client of our website. If you cause problems and issues for our service and workers, this would also qualify you for a Block and database removal and no further services would be provided to you, going forward.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Cancellations are acceptable only if your shipment has not been dispatched yet. You will be charged a one-time 20% cancellation fee and you will be issued an adjusted refund for your unshipped order. You must cancel your order by writing us an email and sending it to: info@leeches.org. Your order cancellation will be processed and you will receive an email confirmation of your order cancellation and adjusted refund, minus the 20% cancellation fee. After the shipment day, orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable. You are entitled to an adjusted refund, only if you have followed the above-detailed process, your email to us bares the date of your order and your message is clearly stating that you intend to cancel the order you placed and wish to receive a refund.

Order Problems & Disputed Purchases

Should you have any problems with our services or products, you should inform our customer service immediately, by sending an email to: info@leeches.org. Your orders are always safe with us, and if there is an issue, it will be resolved by email. If you go ahead and file a dispute with your paypal or credit card provider, you will be blocked as a customer and you would not be able to shop from leech.com again or from all of its partners, such as: MedicalLeeches.com, Hirudo.com, Leeches.com, Amazon Leeches, Etc.  If you have made the mistake to file a dispute with your credit card or paypal, you can resolve this situation by cancelling the dispute. If your dispute is unable to be cancelled and you would like to return as a client of our leech shop, you would have to pay a one-time $100 dispute fee as well as the amount of the disputed transaction. Once this is done, we would be able to dispatch your orders again and your block will be removed.