Official Leech Importer for USA: Medical Hirudo Leeches Import Procedure

There are only 3 licensed leech importers in the U. S. is the only company that sells leeches to the general public, without the need for a medical license, to purchase them. The other 2 leech importers, only sell to medical professionals, i.e: medical nurses, doctors, hospitals or clinics. If you do not represent one of those entities or do not possess a medical degree, you would not be able to place a leech order from our competitors.

What is required to import leeches into the United States of America ?

There are 5 government agencies, that regulate the traffic of medical leech species and live leech stock; those agencies are: the CDC, FDA, F&W, Customs and IATA. Every leech importer must successfully clear all of the above agencies, in their importing process. This means the company-importer must be registered and licensed with all those agencies, have their product closely monitored, inspected, tested and certified, in order to meet all of the health regulations and import requirements of the United States.

How complicated is the leech-import process?

The leech importation process is long, difficult and expensive. The fees companies must pay for importation are hefty and the process is grueling, exhausting and difficult, to say the least. If one piece of documentation, stamp, seal or signature is missing, the entire production can be seized and the importing company can be fined and penalized. The imported leech product can be held and confiscated or returned back to sender at the importing company’s expense. Whole productions can be lost or dead, if all documentation is not cleared properly through customs and perfect.

What are the repercussions of bringing leeches into the country and selling them on the black market?

Authorities are cracking down on illegal importers and buyers of live leeches and asking for names and addresses of those who illegally buy or sell leeches on social media without all of the necessary documentation. If you are one of those individuals or companies, beware! Never import, buy or sell leeches illegally, as you will get prosecuted by the United State government, and may even face jail-time.

What is the proper procedure, to become a legitimate leech importer?

If you plan on legally importing leeches into the US or anywhere else in the world, be sure to contact at , to obtain all the required paperwork to clear your shipment and buy or sell your production legally in America. If you already have a relationship with a trustworthy leech supplier from abroad, you can also use as your leech import agent. Leech importing is not an easy process, costs can be quite high and the risk can be enormous.

Is it better to buy leeches on the Internet, than to import them?

Yes! This is probably your best bet! Leeches are a luxury product, that not everyone can afford. Rather than contacting a licensed professional for a detailed guide on the Hirudo Medicinalis Import Procedure it might be easier and better to purchase leeches directly from, as an authorized US-supplier, rather than to try and undergo the complicated import process on your own.

Is there a leech import Guide or course I can purchase?

If you plan on learning how to import leeches, as well as get the names of international leech suppliers, brokers and clearance procedures are licenses, you should purchase the importation detailed guide here.