Leeches: God's Little Helpers. A Healing Story with the Power of Leech Therapy using the Medicinal Leech!

Only God could create a creature that literally dissolves blood clots! Five months pregnant with baby number eight I started to experience the sensation of a pulled muscle behind my knee. A week and a half later walking became painful. Immediately a blood clot was suspected and I was rushed in for an ultrasound of my leg, which confirmed that a 5 inch clot had developed. Three days later the clot continued up my leg and I could no longer walk. It was explained to me that should the clot travel into my lungs, I would die within minutes and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.  With no other options to our knowledge, I began Lovanox injections (Enoxaparin Sodium injections) into my stomach. Five days and 10 injections later, I was still unable to walk and according to a second ultrasound the clot was continuing to travel up my leg and into my thigh.

All this time we were praying for an alternative treatment, as even those in alternative health could only recommend taking the prescription medication. Then after Mass one evening, seeing me in crutches, a friend questioned me. Upon hearing that I had a blood clot, she exclaimed, “You need leeches!” With a look of confusion I responded, “Leeches? Do you mean like the herb?” She laughed, “No, leeches!” she continued: “In Germany where I grew up, the only thing they ever used for blood clots was leeches. I remember putting them on my grandmother’s leg when I was a child. We would go to the pharmacy and pick up our leeches. I do not know if they still do that, but they always did.”  Little did she know, she was the answer to my prayers and her willingness to share this information, literally SAVED MY LIFE and the life of my unborn baby, Sebastian.

     Three inches from traveling to my lungs, the leeches arrived, just in time! Leeches.com had provided us with lifesaving, medicinal leeches. Immediately we put the leeches to use. The first session consisted of attaching five leeches behind my knee, where there is considerable lymph and one leech on my thigh, where the clot had traveled. The next day we put three large leeches on my upper thigh. After this second set of leeches detached, the leg was loosely bandaged. I experienced the sensation of painful pressure in my upper thigh. Two to three hours later when the bandages were changed, to our surprise we saw large globs of mucus within the bandages, mixed with clotted blood and I had much relief. The next day, only TWO sessions later, I was able to walk again!

Since the blood clot was by this time over two feet long, I continued therapy for at least two or three weeks.  If however, the clot had been treated with leech therapy, as soon as I had been diagnosed, only two to three treatments would have been necessary. Regardless, these little creatures, according to research I have done, inject approximately 150 medicinal substances into the body. Ultimately these incredible creatures are gifts from Jesus, which need to be more widely accepted and known about. Praise be to Jesus Christ for Leeches.com who provided us with healthy medicinal leeches, saving my life and the life of my unborn baby. Thank you Leeches.com for all that you do, and I hope this information is used to for others who need it. Baby Sebastian has been one of my most happy and healthy babies. Thought you should know.

Much Appreciation,


P.S. My husband who has had liver discomfort and pain, almost daily, for the last five years now, also used Leeches.com, leeches for his liver and after six sessions he has remained pain free for five months and counting. Thank you leeches.com for all that you have done for our lives. 

P.P.S. Leeches will not attach if you are on medication, all medication needs to be stopped at least 24 hours before therapy to my understanding.