Leeches for Infertility

It would seem, than can help with infertility leeches? But do not rush to conclusions. Leeches have long been used to treat various diseases and, in particular, infertility. 

In pre-revolutionary Russia leeches were bred in large numbers for both domestic consumption and for export - Russian leech was considered the best. Zemsky doctors, paramedics and barbers constantly used them in their practice.

The direction of natural therapy, where the practice of using leeches called hirudotherapy (Latin: "Hirudinea" -. Leech). Less common name - bdelloterapiya (Greek "Bdella" -. Leech).
In 1997, an association of physicians-girudologov Russia, there training courses for doctors treated with leeches and was allowed to use them in hospitals.
Hirudotherapy - a method approved for use in medical practice, the RF Ministry of Health (MoH guidelines №2002 / 78).Medical leech as a living tool girudoterapii, entered in the Register of medicines of Russia and is the official drug.

To understand how the leeches can help look at the theory of their effects on the body with infertility.

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy consists of several factors:
- the reflex (leeches are placed so that they bite through the skin of the patient only in the reflex points - acupuncture points);
- Mechanical (purely mechanical effect on blood flow - blood sucking and its long-term discharge from the wound after being bitten by leeches);
- Biological (leeches emit their saliva into the blood stream, containing a variety of biologically active substances -. Hyaluronidase, hirudin, bdelliny, Eglin, destabilazny complex, etc. In addition, the saliva of leeches has also antibacterial properties).
We walk through the components of leech saliva, which are of particular interest to us.

Hirudin - a substance retarding blood clotting. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. It is also essential for the prevention of blood clots. Any pathological process in the body causes a disturbance of microcirculation. This leads to excess fluid accumulation and increased interstitial pressure resulting in mechanical compression of blood vessels. This impairs blood circulation, prevents the outflow of lymph and cause stagnation of interstitial fluid. These processes lead to an increase of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). With a lack of oxygen, oxidation processes are slowed down, accumulate oxidized cell waste products (slag, toxins), which have a pronounced hydrophilic (attracts water), the effect of enhancing the flow of water in the pathological focus. This causes increased swelling. Hirudin improves the rheological (flow) properties of blood. This allows increased blood flow through the pathologically narrowed blood vessels, which increases the supply of oxygen and improves the flow of the pathological focus. Oxidation processes are normalized, the percentage of oxidized toxins is reduced. Vledstvie normalization of blood flow in the tissues and increase blood oxygen saturation improves sleep, appetite, improves mood, boosts your metabolism and immune system.

Hyaluronidase - an enzyme that promotes the splitting of the ground substance of connective tissue (hyaluronic acid) and penetration of other biologically active substances into the host body by the blood sucking leech. Absorbable action hyaluronidase is of particular importance in the treatment of diseases associated with scarring and adhesive processes.Hyaluronidase - an enzyme contained in venoms of snakes, spiders, extracts of human testis and in some bacteria. It is indispensable in the process of fertilization, which allows to treat male infertility with leeches.

Eglin (protease inhibitors) are able to reduce inflammation and tissue damage in such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pulmonary emphysema, and others. They inhibit elastase, cathepsin G, which belong to the group of serine proteases (increasing their number in rheumatoid arthritis, gout and emphysema, lung). Eglin form these stable complexes with proteases, preventing further joint damage, lung.

Destabilazny complex (natural liposome) - performs the thrombolytic activity by hydrolysis of the bonds formed by stabilizing the fibrin in the presence of factor XIII blood clotting. Destabilase E cleaves lysine-stabilized fibrin in communication (important with resorption thrombus) and E-lysine links between different proteins (this bonding observed in a number of pathological conditions such as cataract lens).

The medicinal leech intestinal tract contains symbiotic bacteria Aeromonas hydrophilia, which provides bacteriostatic effect, when the microorganism does not perish, but is not capable of proliferation, migration, and bacterial exotoxins synthesis.

Now, specifically - leeches and infertility.

There are several types of infertility.
Absolute sterility. This species occurs in the absence of the uterus or ovaries. It is also possible to absolute sterility and other serious malformations of the sexual organs, which are incompatible with pregnancy. Leeches infertility of this kind will not help.
Primary infertility seen in women not previously beremenevshim that after a year of sexual life could not get pregnant.
Secondary infertility is characterized by the inability to get pregnant women who have previously had at least one pregnancy.
On the function of reproductive women affects a large number of factors, but chief among them are pelvic inflammatory disease. Infertility can cause uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, polyps, adhesions in the uterus after curettage or inflammation, as well as the underdevelopment of the uterus. The main area of application of leeches - adhesions in the pelvic organs (mainly in secondary infertility).
Traditional methods for treating adhesions - not only durable, but also very painful. Therefore hirudotherapy administered either as a main or - in particularly difficult and advanced cases as a method of maintenance therapy.
In the treatment of adhesive processes leeches are placed in very specific terms - in the vaginal mucosa. Hyaluronidase, which is in hirudin and is an active natural enzyme, softening and absorbing spikes, along the shortest path gets to the uterus and their being treated by restoring the flotation tubes. In addition, the leech can be put in the singular points of the uterus and appendages - it enhances the therapeutic effect. But the action of leeches not only local - they increase the body's immunity, and this also contributes to the treatment of inflammation and pregnancy. In addition, hirudin has an indirect effect on the endocrine system, and triggered a chain, without which there can not be a normal pregnancy. Hyaluronidase leech saliva affects the focus of inflammation, so that redundant self-healing mechanisms and switched instead to a diseased organ to block partitions, the body begins to actively fight inflammation. After the transition of the inflammatory process in the quiet phase, due to hyaluronidase connecting walls that protected the site of inflammation from healthy cells are gradually destroyed. It is possible to prevent adhesions. Almost all after abdominal operations, which is a feature of the development of adhesions, shown maintenance treatment with leeches. This helps to avoid various kinds of complications because the body has undergone any inflammatory disease, a prisoner of connective-tissue barrier substantially loses nutrients and gradually begins to function worse and worse. That is why it is important to deal with spikes as soon as possible.

It is also used leeches for infertility in men.

Male infertility can be of two types: secretory and obstructive. When the secretory form of broken formation of sperm in the convoluted tubules of the testes, while obstructive - There is an obstacle in their way to the urethra. The causes of infertility are different - hormonal disorders, inflammation of the reproductive organs as a result of infection with the defeat of testicular tissue, vas deferens, prostate, seminal vesicles.
Application hirudotherapy provides substantial assistance in the treatment of obstructive pathology. Hyaluronidase of a secret of salivary glands of the leech has a resolving action when blockage of the vas deferens and restores the clearance aisles for the promotion of sperm. In an increasing number of spermatozoa themselves hyaluronidase. With sufficient available hyaluronidase dissolves the egg shell, which facilitates the introduction of the male sex cells into female. So there is a conception.
Leeches applied in the treatment of prostatitis, which affect the potency and ultimately leads to infertility.

Leeches categorically can not be put at:
- hemophilia;
- Severe anemia;
- Hemorrhagic diathesis;
- Pregnancy;
- The presence of malignant tumors.

Leeches are not recommended for people:
- with hypotension;
- Have an individual intolerance to the components from the saliva of the leech;
- With a sharp depletion of the body;
- A heavy menstrual period;
as well as children.

Treatment with leeches pleasure not for the poor. Price per session (5-10 leeches) range from 1.5 to 3.0 thousand rubles and more (rate - an average of 10 sessions)

10 times in all read, and how many leeches as a result. for some reason it was prescribed 20pcs, held for 4 times and all.