Leech Cream "Sofia" for Varicose Veins with Leech Oil Extract 200ml

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Leech Cream "Sofia" for Varicose Veins with Leech Oil Extract 200ml.

Leech oil is traditionally used as a massage oil as a safe remedy. This cream is leech-oil based and uses pure leech oil extract, which is excellent for blood vessel vitality strength. 

Leeches contain a vast number of active enzymes which act upon every system and sub-system connected with blood flow and microcirculation.

Leech oil has been used as a natural skin and blood vessel elasticity enhancer for centuries and is renowned as a traditional solution in many cultures. In certain countries, pure leech oil is applied generously to stimulate the affected area.

It is reported that regular daily use of this over-the-counter leech cream for 40 days straight, leads to a significant strengthening of the blood vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries as well as the skin and muscle surrounding them. This prolonged use is recommended when treating varicose veins or spider vein conditions. 


It is recommended for a first-time user to massage the affected area: legs, ankles or thighs with this leech oil and following with the below suggested massage technique, once a day, after bath, (do not wash off the cream after massaging), continuously for at least 7 days or until the desired result and strengthening is achieved. After this, the frequency of application can be reduced to 2-3 times weekly.

Massaging is recommended from the top down as well in reverse motion from the bottom up.

UPON ARRIVAL: Immediately transfer your leeches out of the container with special gel and into a jar of cold water!

HOW TO GET THEM OUT: Pour out the gel with the leeches from the container. If the leeches are still inside, you may add a bit of cold water and swoosh everything around vigorously. If they are still stuck to the walls, you may try to use your fingers. Regular tweezers may harm the body of the leech, so they are not recommended for use - its best to purchase the recommended leech forceps used for easy removal and handling of the leech. In the absence of forceps, be sure to handle your leeches quickly, so they don’t start sucking blood from your fingers. 

BEST CONTAINER TO USE: Keep your leeches in a large glass (or plastic) jar with a tight lid. The container needs to be filled about 1/3 full of ice-cold water. The lid needs to be closed and you may puncture needle-size holes in it. Alternatively, instead of a lid, you may cover your jar with cloth tied with an elastic band. 

CARE: Change the leech-water at least once a week. Dump out old water by shaking it around vigorously first, with the lid on, until the leeches’ skins come off (they shed their skins about once a week). Skins appear as slimy whitish-clear particles, floating in the water. Carefully pour-out the old water with skins, taking care not to pour out any of the leeches, then, refill the jar again, close and shake. Repeat this process as many times as needed, until all the skins are completely gone and the water is perfectly clear. Fill the jar again with 1/3 cold water (its ok to use tap) and close the lid tightly.

Keep your jar with leeches in a cold, partly dark place, away from direct sunlight. During winter, they can be kept outdoors, partly-covering the jars with a towel, to protect from full sun-exposure. We do not advise you to feed your leeches during winter. Leech species can keep for 1 year without feeding. Keep your fed leeches apart from the hungry ones, as they will prey on each other. Be sure to purchase separate jars, to separate your fed and hungry leeches properly.