Questions and Answers I

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Question: Do leeches have an anticoagulant effect?

Answer: yes! Leeches have an anticoagulant effect on the blood because they inject hirudin, which thins the blood. And all blood-thinning medications are based on this effect.

Question: Will the middle leech leave a scar after feeding? How long does it normally take for the bite to stop bleeding normally after the leech is detached?

Answer: Yes, medium leeches can leave a scar anywhere on the body, especially around the torso. Medium leeches leave no scars on the legs or neck. Leech bites bleed for up to 10 hours.

Question: The kiss of the vampire "The Transilvanian Leech" feeds on humans? If so, would they take in more blood and would they leave a bigger bite or would I bleed longer after they loosened than with smaller leeches? "
Answer: Yes, the vampire kiss drinks more blood than normal leeches. This type of leech leaves a larger trace (scars) and drains more blood, injects more hirudin and causes longer bleeding.

Question: I have fed my leeches and now both are sitting outside the water. It is dechlorinated and has the right temperature. Is there a reason why you just sit out of the water?

Answer: Leeches stay out of the water to digest the injected blood. You chill and rest. As long as they're not down, everything is fine. Enjoy your leeches.

Note: Hello! We have spoken before. I just want to tell you that I got very, very sick in January this year. Dry cough fever and shortness of breath and nobody knew or at least nobody spoke about COVID-19 in January. I went to the emergency room and got an inhaler and codeine syrup. The doctor said there was nothing more she could do for me because my chest X-ray was negative, as was my flu test. She said that my underlying condition was the reason why I felt I couldn't breathe. I had no one to turn to. I decided to use my leeches. I was lucky to get relief in 10 minutes, otherwise I would have had to call an ambulance. I have really got great results. I don't know what crazy illness I had, but I've never coughed again and my lungs are very healthy. I am a retired nurse.

Answer: We are happy to hear that leech therapy has brought you such excellent health results. If we can still help you, please let us know. In the meantime, enjoy your leeches and stay safe.