Questions about Hirudotherapy and Leech Treatment

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Hello, I've been following the YouTube channel for a long time. But now I have a lot of questions about medical leeches and I will be very grateful if you answer me. At the beginning of the year, I was introduced to 10 leeches (I think they are average) from Russia. In February, my husband and I had a procedure for 5 leeches. I look at them as pets. The next day I did the last procedure.

Your video (demonstration at the mall in Varna). And I decided it was time to feed them again. I put 9 medical leeches on my legs: 5 around my ankles and 4 on my hips. My questions are: 1. Is it normal to have a lot of bruising and pain around a thigh injury? 2. Leech water is constantly dirty (vomiting). Would you mind telling me that? 3. From the last video I found out that they can not be applied during pregnancy, can you explain why? 4. The first time I put them on, I stayed with them for about an hour or so. The other day, I sat for more than an hour and a half and threw a few drops of lemon juice to make it fall off my skin. Is there any reason for them to stay so long? Finally, 5. After the leeches have sucked the blood for several months, can they be used by another person? I don't know the practice for you, but those I know who deal with this type of treatment kill leeches after the procedure, which I think is very wrong ... :) Greetings!

1.  Answer: Hi, Thank you for following the leeches YouTube channel for Hirudotherapy and Leeches Medical Treatment. From what I understand, you and your husband used 5 medical leeches each. Then you put 9 of the same healing leeches. It is desirable to use leeches separately. That is, the leeches used by your husband in subsequent therapies should be used only by him. Medicinal leeches used by you, use only by you. It is not desirable to cross them, whether they are partners. So, in the future, the leeches you used will only be used by you. To other questions:
In some rare cases, after a medical leech bite, the wound may turn red and turn blue. This happens when a leech is placed on the delicate parts of the body, where the skin is thinner. Also, some people are allergic to insect bites and most often manifest with bruising and swelling after Hirudotherapy. This should not bother you, as bruises and swelling disappear after a few days. It is advisable to follow a diet with fruits and vegetables, preferably raw 3-4 days after treatment with leeches.

2.  Cultivating leeches is more difficult than starving them. There are many reasons why leeches vomit blood, but the main thing is stress. When there are many leeches in a dense (small) space: jar or aquarium, "overpopulation" occurs. In these cases you need to divide the leeches. Normally, in a 2-liter jar with water - 1.2l - 1.3l can live up to 10 leeches. Always keep your medical leeches in sight and, at the slightest redness of the water, replace it with a new one. Another cause of blood in the leeches' water is if one leech was hungry and attacked another leech.

3.  Medical leeches can also be placed during pregnancy, but with caution. Many pregnant women resort to surgery to relieve swelling, swelling of the legs and varicose veins. When pregnant, a woman can have a limited number of leeches: 2-3 leeches per leg. The procedure can be performed 2-3 times throughout pregnancy.

4.  Normally, a session with healing leeches lasts up to 1 hour. There are areas where it saturates faster or slower. It is a good idea to move regularly. This speeds up the blood flow and activates them to feed. Another point is that when they are full, leeches "fall asleep" on the skin and it is good to move.

5.  It is desirable that when you use leeches for yourself, they should not be used by others. That is, a leech can only be used by the same person. It takes 3-5 months to starve leeches, during which time you need to take care of them and change their water frequently. We also believe that killing a leech after use is an inhuman and cruel act that we do not practice.

  Thank you for sharing the information about Leech Treatment (Hirudotherapy) and we hope we helped you with your answers.