Leech as Pets

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Hirudo leeches are great pets! Many of you don't even think I can raise these creatures at home. They won't bother you, they won't bark at night, they won't come out in the middle of the carpet and they won't scream if you don't feed them. Hirudo leeches are just perfect nurseries. They do not need special care, even fish need more care, because they need to be fed.

The only thing leeches need is to change their water when needed. The leech has a specific behavior, which is different at any time of the day and every month of the year. Watching and exploring the behavior of leeches will tell you a lot about their way of life.

Choose an aquarium or plastic jar. Decorate it to your liking - with sand, with pebbles in which to rub and remove old skin, with leaves that resemble the natural environment. If you have chosen an aquarium, it is good to use glass to close the opening of the aquarium so that no leeches can escape. This is necessary in summer, when it is hot and the leeches are actively moving. Then she can decide to explore the space where she is housed and escape from the aquarium, and if she stays ashore, she will not survive long. But when the season gets cold, the leech becomes lethargic. When it is cold, the leeches agglomerate at the bottom of the aquarium and thus heat each other. This behavior is very similar to bees in winter, when they gather like a ball. So in the winter season, if you are in a cold room, you do not need to worry that the leeches will escape and you can keep the container. open. In this way they will always have access to oxygen.

One of the most bizarre movements of any Hirudo leech is the "Leech Dance". When she performs it, she makes wavy movements with her whole body. In this way, the animal moves and processes the food it receives.

Another feature of a leech's behavior is that it clings to the walls of the vessel in which it lives. Sometimes they are trapped where there is no water, other times they are completely under water. Very often, however, they are caught so that their back end is under water and the front end above the water. Thus, the leech is half in water and dry space.

Sometimes, compared to the season and the phase of the moon, leeches become extremely active in the evening and begin to swim and circumnavigate the space in which they live. No less interesting is the "Love Game" of the leeches of the couple. If they have the right conditions, they will mate and lay cocoons from which small leeches will emerge. Keeping them as pets is a sweet thing.

Hirudo leeches are the "exotic" pets perfect for your growing baby. But they are just as interesting for an adult who likes to look at and admire the diversity of nature.