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I am here to talk about why leeches die.

So today we going to discuss all veriest reasons as to why your leeches that you are keeping in your house as pets or the once that you going to be using for leech therapy why they might die.

Ok and we going to cover all the different veriest reasons.

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Now lets begin to talk about why your leeches might die.

Here is my collection of leeches.

There is maybe about two hundred in there and what I do is I keep them in this jar and I change their water every week.

If I fail to change their water what happens is the first informal reason why my leeches might die is because they shed their skins.

And when they shed their skins their skin will stay on them and it will suffocate the leech and the leech might not survive.

So you definitely definitely  want to change the water.

This is the most important think to do when keeping leeches and carrying for them.

Keep their water clean.

The leeches skins will collect inside this aquarium and they are visible inside.

They are flooding inside.

So make sure you get rid of the skins in a tiny passion once a week.

If you failed to do that your leeches are going to start dying.

Now the second reason why your leeches might die is if you keep them inside this gel.

So when you order your leeches online I am gonna put some links below as to where you can purchase them.

They will arrive in a container full of gel.

What this is is just transportation device for the leeches.

They don’t usually live in this gel.

I have allot of people asking me will work in I get this gel.

Should I keep my leeches in a gel?

No you don’t keep your leeches in a gel.

You just receive them in a gel.

And as soon as they arrive you wanna get rid of them.

So when they are inside the gel just pour them in your jar.

And they will need to be kept in cool cold later.

So the reason why they would transport leeches in gel is because the leeches get completely stress out if they are in water and they are being transported.

What happens is when there is a journey about a few hours.

The leech will start shading their skin.

It will also start peeing inside the gel.

It will, it will, it will get very stressed out and the water would usually get dirty and soiled.

So they put they put them in this gel.

As you can see when I shake it they don’t get completely you know shaken up.

But for example these leeches if I shake the water you see what happens with the leeches.

They just jump around and bounce around.

I mean its very stressful for them.

So imagine you know this kind of journey.

You know they are just shaking around like this inside some kind of a vain or train or whatever.

Of course they’ve gonna get very stressed out.

And the water is gonna get very dirty.

There is gonna be lots of skins.

And there is lots of skins right now.

As you can see them.

They are very visible inside.

Its like a cloud.

And so you gonna prevent any kind of stress on leeches.

Which is why they will be transported in gel.

And once you transfer them from the gel.

You don’t wanna keep them in the gel too long cuz they’ve already made the gel dirty.

So you wanna transfer them into cold water immediately as soon as you get them.

Now another reason why leeches might die is if you handle them too rough.

If I am taking a leech with my forceps and  am squeezing it like you know really tight the leeches not gonna survive.

Leeches are very delicate creatures.

They wanna be handled gently.

They they sense everything 

They are very sensitive.

And they are not going to like it when you squeeze them also they might not live very long.

So you might shorten their live expand if you squeeze them with these forceps or with your hands or with your nails or with anything else.

So another reason why leech might die is if you keep it in a dry place, or if you just let it run around in a dry environment any kind of table, or carpet.

If you put it on the carpet is going to dry up in a matter of hours and die.

So always keep your leeches moist.

So anywhere you have leeches always put some water on it..

It just basically just dries up.

And I’ve recovered leeches who have dried up just by hydrating them in water.

And sort of bring them back to life.

I’ve done that but she wasn’t too dry like maybe spend a few hours out in a dry place and I was able to recover her.

Just bring her back to life.

And not just one .

I’ve done it with a a few.

But it wasn’t it wasn’t such a pleasant experience with leech.

I am sure because it was on the border of dying.

So always keep your leeches moist and worm like right now I am putting water on it.

Otherwise it would dried up.

Ok now we’ve cover the skins.

If the skins are covering the leech the leeches not gonna be able to breathe.

Its body is not able to breathe.

Little suffocate, and little dye.

And dryness will kill the leech.

Dirty gel will kill it, dirty water will kill it.

Shaking it too vigorously during the journey or trip will kill the leeches.

Also in the wild there is certain conditions like Ph of the water or different things like that that might kill the leach.

And also in the lake where they live they have special conditions that they have to have for example.

They hide in the roots of the plants or they hide in specific plants inside like in between the branches of the plant.

Also their special clay on the bottom of the lake and if its not present the leeches cannot berry itself in the clay and it cannot rest there for the winter.

I do believe they spend their winters in berry and clay.

So if the lake’s conditions change the leeches in the wild will will dye out and the lake will have no more leeches in it.

What is another, another reason why a leech might dye is if you feed leech.

Now this is my jar with fat leeches as you can see .

They are very huge, they are humungous.

I am going to show you one by one what they look like.

They’ve been fed with my blood.

I recently did mouth therapy on the roof of my mouth.

And what’s happen is I’m keeping my fat leeches in this little jar until I am ready to despose them in the local lake.

And if I don’t change their water more often then the water of my hungry leeches these one will definitely dye.

So the fat leeches require more attention and more often changing of the water that that the hungry leeches.

So keep that distinction in mind.

Always be very mindful.

If you don’t change their water what happens is they start speeding the blood out.

So they start vomiting their blood.

And when they vomit the blood the water become completely bloody and the leeches will dye in their own blood.

They will suffocate in their own blood.

Keep falling up.

But thats what they wanna do.

They wanna go to a wet place now.

They are too dry here on this table.

So I am going to returning back back to their jar.

This is what they look like.

They are quite humungous.

Once they’ve been fed they don’t like to feed or suck on anybody else any more.

And they are just lazy little monsters.

All they wanna do is just sleep.

They actually ideally they wanna berry themselves inside inside the clay of the lake ideally in natural environment.

Since they don’t have that they are just hanging out of the bottom of the jar.

So thats another reason why your leeches might dye if you don’t change their water often enough.

And last but not least if you are going to induce your leeches to vomit using salt or using any type of other material like turmeric  or what other thing that you can use to make your leeches vomit.

I believe alcohol or lemon juice, vinegar, spirits any kind.

This might also kill your leech.

What some people do is they take the leech, they sprinkle it.

This is the fad leech ok.

They sprinkle it on their on its back with a little salt.

And then the leech start vomiting obviously because it doesn’t like salt.

Its gonna kill it.

It its think that maybe the salt is inside and it is trying to get it out.

So its gonna get all of its blood out and then you suppose to massage it.

And then you suppose to put it back in cold water and then reuse it.

I am totally against that.

I am completely one hundred percent against that.

I believe that you should take your fat leeches.

They’ve got your blood inside them.

You should take them in the local lake or river and let them digest in peace.

So don’t make them vomit.

If you make them vomit you risking your leeches to dye as well.

Because it is extreme stress on them.

And they don’t they can’t really bare that.

Otherwise they live up about two years.

And they can live up to about a year without feeding.

So all you need to do is really feed them once a year or once every six month if you want.

And all you feed them with is your own blood or somebody else is blood.

They don’t need anything else and they will be living very happily so long as you do that.

And so long as you keep their water clean.

Temperature is another reason why leeches might dye.

If your temperature that you keeping your leeches in is above I would say twenty degree.

Be careful they don’t they don’t very long live spend when the temperature is that high.

So keep your temperatures always very very low as low as possible on your leeches.

Also don’t allow any direct sunlight.

Right now they are in direct sunlight and thats not good for them.

I am going to take them.

I keep them covered in a cold place in another room.

So be sure to do the same thing if you want to have one hundred percents survival rate and if you don’t wanna any of your leeches leave you and dye.

Ok so I hope you enjoy this video.

I hope I was informative for you.

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