Hirudotherapy - Medical leeches Varna (Lecture)

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Welcome to the conference on Hirudotherapy and Medical Leeches held in Varna.

Look, it doesn't bite at all - it was found.

Hello dear viewers and friends of our channels, and visit Lipitor.ro to find out about the effects of leeches.

Today we will talk about some of the beneficial effects that a medical leech can have

This leeches here is Buffalo ... Asian Buffalo leeches.

These are small leeches, they become huge.

No matter how big my hand is, it can become an adult copy of them.

Can you say leech pockets?

Yes right.

In Bulgarian the name of these leeches is Asian leeches, more precisely - Buffalo leeches.

They are applied to the skin, begin to cut through the wound and suck blood.

They are used in Ayurveda to cleanse the blood and treat many diseases.

That's right, they are blood leeches and feed only on blood.

This leech can reach as big as my hand.

It will become its size as it grows.

This leech is a child.

They become like monsters.

If you have varicose veins, you can put them down on your feet.

These will disappear.

The place will bleed for 10 to 30 hours, if the leech is Buffalo you will bleed for about 30 hours.

You want to take a look.

If you open them, they will spread everywhere, so it would be better to look at them from the outside.

 These are Hirudo Medicinalis and Hirudo Verbana.

See what color they are: green with tiger coloring - very colorful.

These leeches are medical, grown in special biopharmaceuticals and used for treatment.

People have been using them for centuries, with the therapy known as Hirudotherapy.

Leeches have Hirudin and release Hirudin into the blood, which makes the blood difficult to clot.

The hirudin that injects leeches into us is very powerful.

It also contains a blood solvent, ie it dilutes the blood.

This is why a person bleeds for so many hours because what they inject is very strong.
When it bites you, leeches inject a substance called Hirudin into your blood.

Don't feel pain, you will feel something like a sting at first.

This leech is fed.

They feed these leeches and will not bite you.

Whoever wants to lend a hand, we will put it in our hand.

And what are they fed on?
They are fed on the blood of a friend of ours.

He has varicose veins and he called us to put them on our feet.

I put them both on one leg.

Bleed for 33 hours.

You can watch these videos on Youtube.

How long does a leech suck?

It feeds for 20 to 40 minutes and then falls on its own.

Complete the.

The head of lack is the advancing part.

It has two suckers - it's the back and it's the head.

Although lychee has two juices, only one side is the front, the other is the bottom.

It can engage in bloodshed on both ends.

Yes, when it starts to bleed, it grabs both ends, but it just sucks blood from the head.

No eyes?

No, medical leeches have no eyes.

No eyes?

Leeks have no eyes.

You've heard of leeches that have eyes.

The glues have three jaws with 270 teeth

What are their sensors and how do they feel about blood?

Healing leeches smell and smell of blood.

They also feel heat, where there is inflammation in the body and they get caught there.

European Hirudo canvases reach a size of 10-12 cm.

As I mentioned this leech is Buffalo and is an exotic specimen.

You can buy one here in Piavitsa BG for BGN 600.

How old are they?

They lived for many years.

European leeches (Hirudo) live 5-6 years, and large ones 6-6

Leeks can reproduce in your home, provided they have the necessary conditions.

I'll show you their aquarium.

Here's the aquarium for Asian leeches: a polystyrene box full of muscle.

This muscle can be ordered from the site along with Leech and you can grab an aquarium and watch it.

If you have two of them, they will multiply.

Eight varicose veins are widely used in Ayurveda: large blood, lipomas, tumors, blood clots, inflammation, also used in gynecology - placed in the vagina.

We can tell how we used ourselves.

We were very happy.

I've used over 200 leeches on my body since I was a kid.

And from Buffalo, I used to get about 10 kids.

Of time?

Once, yes.

I put them on my back.

The feeling is a kind of euphoria.

Because what injects you with leeches are endorphins and you become high.

Leeks are hermaphroditic.

They can play the role of either a man or a woman.

When you put one glue with another, one decides it will be a man and the other a woman.

They start courting and dancing on top of each other - a jump dance.

Then a solder gets pregnant.

From what I understand, she becomes pregnant on her own, believing that down is masculine and gives birth.

To explain more about lip growth:

They lay lollipops, which is like an egg (cocoon) from which the baby hatches.

From there, they hatch somewhere around 10 children.

It shatters so we can talk to an old man.

They are small, however, unable to bleed on their own and wait for the old leech to start bleeding and be caught on the side.

Baby Buffalo is a leech about the size of an adult Hirudo leudo.

The newborn is so big there.

Only he can bite you, be careful ... he's hungry.

This is where he tries to bite me.

Are leeches glued lightly?

If you want to paste it now and see.


Wherever you want.

Where can it hurt?

Yes of course.

Here we will demonstrate live therapy for leeches.

Where do you want the leeches to be placed?

What is your problem?

The soft tissues are stretched and I have irritation from irregular yoga.

Skin problems and acne also help leeches on the face everywhere.

In the past, they were mostly used, except for blood cleansing and blood purification.

To explain when gluing is on the skin, it is looking for a suitable place to catch and cross the skin.

See how it begins to be absorbed into the skin.

In a short time you will feel a slight tingling sensation.

What do you get your teeth into?

Make a skin slit.

Leech has 270 teeth on three jaws arranged in the form: the Mercedes logo

For this, she wounds with a shape: the Mercedes symbol

I mean a triangle.

It's starting to bite you now.

Do you feel anything now?

I feel it like a sting.

You will continue to feel it like a sting for a while and then when the leek opens the way and the canal injects you with a sedative and Hirudin, then you will not feel anything.

I can put as many leeches as you want.

10 leeches are a good practice to place.

Dangers of using leeches:

Initially, medical leeches are not placed on the head.

It is important to start with the designated points and acupuncture points.

The first are the navel, liver and tail in the back.

When treating these parts with leeches, the head can also be approached.

The only place not recommended for the first meeting is the head.

But after the first meeting, they can be put there as well.

How about dangers?

The only danger is that the backpack can eat.

It can make you itch for three days, it feels a slight itch.

Is there a scar?

The scar is in the shape of a Mercedes, which disappears a month after therapy.

The slit, the slit is in this form, but only the large leeches remain.

Children and babies do not leave scars, ie lasting scars.

Otherwise, from three to five days there is a clear bite that will heal over time.

Many leeches will not be caught for the first time, so we enter more to see who is caught.

They are most easily caught when leeches are in the water.

Because I can swim and I'm in the water.

We have nothing to tie you up with after that.

Do you have a towel?

Yes, you will bleed for 10 hours.

Do you have a towel to wrap?

You need a towel and an eraser, this is the alternative to dressing.

Otherwise, you can wear a lady's dress.

Do not pull the stick while drinking blood, as it may vomit while drinking.

The lack is of course hungry ... the only way to know if she's hungry is if she's caught.

Yes, usually between 3 and 6 months and they are hungry again.

Now you will take these leeches home and look at them as pets and change their water once a week.

They won't die, will they?

Between three and six months, putting them on and seeing them bite again means you're hungry.

If they don't bite, you bring them back into the water and keep looking at them.

They won't be hungry for three months ...

You will change their water for three months until they are hungry.

And they won't be hungry for 3 months ...

In Ayurveda, it is a practice to make medical leeches vomit the blood they have aspirated.

That is, to induce violent vomiting with turmeric after drinking.

To be able to use them again.

This is done by using yellow turmeric (turmeric) spice.

It's like bees bees ...

Do you want me to hand you the big leeches?

Give them to me!

Although I can't give them to the big ones, Daddy can bring you from India.

Or he can buy them because they are a very expensive copy in Bulgaria.

Does it help with inflammation?

Yes, leeches are used in inflammation ... and in any case it will not hurt.

Cases of non-use of leeches are when the woman is pregnant (during pregnancy), at a very low blood pressure or if the blood cannot clot.

Yes, if you have clotting problems.

All leeches love muscle.

The glues are fed every three months and can be posted for more than a year.

That's right, you may not feed them all year round.

They will be alive, they will be healthy, they will have nothing.

In nature, what kind of animals cling to parasitize and bleed leeches?

They stick to everything that moves ...

Yes, living things: cows, frogs, fish, but because fish have scales ... can you tell where they are caught?

About the eyes?

Yes, for the eyes, it blinds the fish.

Otherwise, people use them to put on their eyes to treat glaucoma.

Right here with your eyes open ...?

Yes, a leech can be placed with the naked eye.

Putting one will not hurt you, on the contrary, it will help you with sight.

Many wild animals instinctively enter where they know they are leeches.

They enter the swamp and leave, knowing that they are healers and nature will heal them.

Very often they are put down here, so you can escape ... here's how you have varicose veins.

I ... Here you go.

Do not pull on leeches while sucking.

This way, if you try to remove it, there is a risk that it will return to the wound, which is not desirable.

It's a good idea to wait for the lick to get drunk and then push it lightly.

It will be heavy and heavy and will fall off the skin on its own.

Anything you can't stand isn't annoying.

He will tell you right now that he is not feeling anything.

Do you feel anything?

There is one as light as a mosquito, as a living bee ...

And I compare the bite of a leech to that of a mosquito.

Look, look at the water now.

Now look, the water is dirty because their children are playing and the leeches are going to the toilet.

When leeches are stressed, vomit or go strong.

Now pour the water to see how dark it is.

Those "rags" you see in the brown ones, come out of your pockets.

What is the difference between the effect of European leeches (Hirudo) and Asian buffalo leeches?

You have a stronger effect from Buffalo, because they are bigger, produce more Hirudin and more active substances, will inject you more of them and will bleed for a longer period of 33 hours.

While you bleed for 10 hours.

They inject less, suck less blood, respectively the effect is a little less significant.

But Europeans have proven that the drug is effective.

That is, medicine studied Hirudo Medicalis leeches and used them in practice.

While Buffalo leeches are currently used only in Ayurveda.

In what part of Asia are they located?

Thailand, Philippines, all tropical countries.

Others are better for the people of Asia, while Hirudo is for us.

The sides have piano-like decorations, and their bellies are green.

Like a tiger ... Yes, like a tiger.

Thank you for taking this therapy.

Have you ever bled?


Yes, it is an ancient technique, a technique of reducing the blood in the human body.

For example, Louis was blessed every two weeks.

They cut you somewhere and ... you could cut your skin with a knife or put leeches.

With me it turns out natural, I'm a crazy head and or I'll hit, cut ...

Yes, this is a natural way for blood to come out.

Once I would cut my finger while cutting a stick ...

Have you been tied to the leeches of nature ...?

In rivers, even in the grass.

There are leeches in the grass, especially in the mountains ... I don't remember which mountain ...

In Bulgaria?

It was years ago ... it was in the Balkan Mountains.

There are many leeches in Pirin.

It was full, the grass was full of leeches.

Even if you came with shoes, if it rained, they would get on their shoes and hammer.

For those who speak, they must have been in an exotic country.

Maybe it was because I lived a lot in India, in Brazil ...

In the jungle ... leeches climb, but not so much.

So I was not wrong in Bulgaria.

In BG it was along the rivers.

In swamps, but only in some swamps.

I also saw in rivers ... mountain rivers.

Where the flow is not strong, where the water is calmer and there is no such high flow and movement.

In calm water.

We tried to look for leeches in the wild and were unsuccessful.

The ones we give you are from an organic farm in Ukraine.

And is there poison ...?

I've never heard of poison leeches.

Was it Cal?

I'm a different species.

I don't know, like that.

They are exotic, but they cannot be said to be poisonous.

To some extent, they inject with tolerant toxicity to the body to help your blood flow and heal.

How many hours do I drink?

Good question, I'm drinking for about 20 minutes.

Between 20 and 40 min.

Kambo you know?

Kambo is from South America.

A pinch is poisonous, a shamanic remedy.

They catch the frog in the wild and, because it has no natural enemies, the poison is super strong.

When people and shamans try to capture her, she never runs away, because there are no enemies.

And giving the poison of the shaman's pleasure, he removes it from behind.

It releases like-minded fluid from its glands.

When you grab it and scratch it on the back.

Then the poison comes shaman, you should drink between 3-4 liters at a time for 10 minutes.

Drink this water and it makes your skin burn very thin.

Depending on how many points you want, it can make you 3-5-7 points.

He rubs the poison.

In just a minute, you start getting sick of hell.

Blood, you feel like your head is going to explode.

You start vomiting.

Your face changes, you become like a frog ...

Your lips become as if you put a few layers of silicone and you start vomiting a lot.

You drank water, you are on all fours and you are very bad, you have the feeling that you will die.

Your trachea is inflamed, you are breathing hard, but there is no danger of death.

Vomit until you start vomiting black and green and this suggests toxins and poisons from the liver and bile.

Especially the liver and gallbladder.

This is the strongest immunization in the world.

Then how do you get rid of the poison ...

It disappears, it doesn't have the same poison, you start sweating it brutally, which stimulates the organs and glands to purify the body.

Because there is clearly stress, but it is determined by the strongest immunization.

Immunity is strengthened and nothing can be compared.

How long does the frog look like.

An hour, an hour and a half.

Does it have an effect on the psyche?

Ayahuasca We're already going to Ayahuasca, the other medicine.

Have you been through this therapy?

Yes, several times ... ab is a difficult time ...

I saw that women experiment easily, it was hard for me, there is no pleasure.

And how expensive is it?

I paid something like 40 euros.

What was the frog's name?

He's not wearing a frog, he's just a poison.

Did the frog die in the process?

No no ...

What was the frog's name?


He also performs Ayahuasca ceremonies and already after the Ayalaska effect is over, Kambo is ready.

Oh, first, Ayahuasca and then Cambodia ...

But on the same day?

As soon as the ceremony is closed, 7-8-9-12 hours, Kambo is done.

They have Portuguese and shamanic mantras that, whether or not it is with Salvia, Paulo Santo, give you the courage not to be scared.

And how did you feel about Ayahuasca?

! wonderful

Didn't you start hallucinating?

Very ... but in a beautiful way?

It was better for me.

But I also saw people who had hard times.

You can now see how the leeches swelled.

Now we touch them lightly to massage them and they can swallow their blood more easily, so that they can be released relatively quickly and easily.

Then will they bite?

Then they will not bite for 3-6 months unless you cause them to vomit.

And big leeches while they eat?

The question is how many leeches eat ... how big?

These little ones are more likely to feed while Buffalo feeds each month because they have a greater sense of hunger.

And are they small or big now?

Are they babies or are they?

I'm not another type of leech.

This and this color is different.

These are Hirudo Medicinalis and Hirudo Verbana, and they are leudo-Asian Hirudo manillensis - curative.

It is still medicinal, but it is used in Ayurveda while it is used in medicine.

Do you feel them while drinking?

What's the feeling now?

Still light as a sting ...

Yes, they will fall alone when they get drunk.

No need to remove them.

If you want to remove the leeches, you will drip a drop of lemon juice on your head and then the leeches will be released immediately because they cannot tolerate the lemon juice.

Some people think that with a cigarette, they can burn it and put it on or spray it with alcohol or alcohol, but I do not advise you to do it, because gluing can make you vomit.

And will they poison me?

What they aspirated along with their gastric juices, which they sip to process the blood.

What color will the vomit be ...?

Because it filters ... 70% of what I suck is lymph.

30% is blood and even the lymph they suck, filters.

Water drips from them, but it's actually lymph.

And this transparent lymph ends and only red blood plasma remains in the leeches ... dark red, dark, if you vomit, dark red blood will leak.

They do not eat each other, but suck each other's blood.

As far as I know in China, they are eaten by leeches.

I saw a Russian man on YouTube eating leeches.

In China, he eats everything.

You have to keep the drunk and the hungry separate, because if you collect them, some will cannibalize others and cling to them and suck their blood.

They may not die because of it, but they will have a hole left in that hole.

They can die from this hole, but they can heal in time.

What are the biggest benefits you have experienced from Hirudotherapy and leeches?

The biggest advantages of leeches I felt when I had a rash ... here, it seems that I had a fat ... fat, fat ...

I put 5 small leeches and they gathered around the ball.

Once released ... you won't see the effect of the moment, but after a week, it's all gone.

And I fell into my pocket and nothing seemed to happen.

Same with you, but it has reached your ears ...

The case was here, in front of my ear, I had two large fat burners.

I don't even have scars anymore.

I put leeches twice.

The first time I put 5 and after a week I repeated, putting 4 I think.

And after a week or so, there was no sign of screaming.

It took them about 2 weeks for the leeches to melt.

How many meetings?

Two, when the lumps are fresh, less leeches and less time to melt.

But if there are older lumps ...

You need two sessions to remove these small dots.

Have them fresh for a month.

All tumors that are newly formed: lipomas, lumps, fat balls that are newly formed and fresh are then easily removed with leeches.

But if you have a band older than a year, you will either find it harder to remove it with leeches, or it will be impossible.

Therefore, if you have such an education, act quickly.

Also, an animal hematoma, a hematoma is a bile that contains blood and a lot of pain.

We treat a man's hematoma on his head.

I put 5 large leeches and within a week it completely dropped and the hematoma disappeared.

But no hair appeared.

We suggested putting another 5, but he didn't agree.

He was glad it was so easy to heal.

In animals - dogs, cats, hematoma is a big problem.

And people use leeches a lot for this hematoma.

Now I'm almost drunk and will be released soon.

All we have to do is massage them and help them relax.

So, with little or no guidance, it doesn't matter.

We have to put them somewhere.

If you want, you can fill the pure water here and put them there.

Can I put them on?

He can not ...

Can I put them on?

Yes, of course, as long as they are released.

Do you have any other questions about leeches?

It cleanses the lymph completely, doesn't it?

Yes, they clear the lymph, among other things, Russian doctors put up to 60 leeches in one session.

In the past, it was believed that the patient should faint.

Until failure, your therapy is not considered completely successful.

If half a kilogram of blood has separated from your body and you are about to faint or faint, then the disease is gone, the disease is gone.

This is done by 60 units.

I picked up a maximum of 42 pieces in the first session, but Jellomir put 60.

Do you have leeches bigger than these?

Those, Buffalo ... Buffalo glue is the biggest leech in my knowledge that exists, but it hasn't grown to its maximum size.

They grow as long as my hand, from beginning to end.

My friend from England has such a big one.

I have a video with them on YouTube.

Join my Tsetzi channel and subscribe.

There is a huge leech "Esmeralda"

It fell ... so ...

They're already starting to fall, now we're going to put them in a separate bowl because they're full of blood.

So I put the "Esmeralda" solder on Chris' neck - its owner and she drank blood ... the big stick on the neck, right here in the back.

So they are also used.

They are used for blood flow and used in Ayurveda for healing.

Now, do you want to try to make me wave?

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Here we will eliminate them.

They haven't gotten drunk yet ...

We'll find out if they got drunk, we shook them a little more and if they fall, then they get drunk.

And here you see, you start bleeding, so it's good to find a towel.

A little paper as it began to soften the blood.

After that, wrap the towel in it, because by midnight you will bleed.

Where can we find such leeches?

These leeches can be purchased from Leech.com as well as from exotic Buffalo.

So exotics are better than Hirudo?

Exotics are more effective if they target much more blood to suck, otherwise the effects depend on some effects.

The effect of an exotic is equal to 10 Hirudo and you will still have the same effect.

Exotics look more like pets.

People are very happy because they are getting very big.

We will now transfer the leeches we removed and put them in a clean guide and try to remove them.

Here is the tool now.

This is a special clip for leeches, also available from Leech.com.

We put the last one on and he's not drunk yet.

We won't force her, she knows when to break free ...

You have to get bored and want to get rid of them ...

I want to move a little, just so I don't vomit ...

Here it is.

We're almost done with our therapy.

If you have any questions, please comment below our videos.

We answer questions every day in the video and subscribe to our channel.

Give us a series of videos, we will be happy ...

As you can see, everyone can put leeches at home, at home.

It is very light, you put them on the skin until they catch.

Take a tissue to wipe her blood.

We weren't going to do live therapy today, the goal was to get her out

lecture, informative lecture.

How much does leech therapy cost?

Hirudotherapy or medical leeches treatment costs three times as much as if you buy them.

If you buy a leech for 10 levs, you will have to put it 30 levs.

You can buy leeches and put them on your own or go to a surgeon, but you will pay much more.

This therapy is free for him, because we are doing a demonstration.

As long as it keeps its effect.

It will now take two weeks to recover the leaked blood, as it is now beginning to flow.

We think they bleed a lot, but these Hirudo leeches produce much less blood than the flow that will happen later.