My Experience with Leech Therapy

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In the evening, I noticed I had an unusual deep dry cough. Odd, because I had no warning such as soar throat or mucous.I took 2 night-quills.The next morning I woke up , my sheets were drenched in sweat and I felt as though I had been hit in the head with a hammer. When I sat up, it felt like someone had shut the door to my lungs...I could not feel the exchange of air as I breathed in.

Same day - Urgent Care results: negative chest X-ray (no pneumonia) and negative flu swab. They sent me home with albuterol inhaler and codeine syrup. The next day I continued to struggle to breath so I called Urgent care and spoke to physician. She stated that my inability to breath was a sensation I was experiencing due to my underlying illness.

I told her “no it wasn’t!! I hung up on her feeling so upset . I therefore called the Veterans Hospital and they did assessment over the phone but basically told me to go to an ER.I told the nurse that I couldn’t drive.I decided to use my inhaler as directed and see what happens .The next morning for sure I was calling an ambulance but I decided to try one last thing that crossed my mind (I had used leeches in the past for hip pain because I was tired of popping pills.

Desperate,I decided that there was definite inflammation occurring in my lungs ; and if it didn’t work, I would call an ambulance. But I didn’t have to...OH my GOD

Blood seeping from all parts of my chest, my husband helped me in shower and then tucked me in bed .

12 Hours later my breathing was so clear it felt as if i would have been given a new set of lungs. Like I could run from here to eternity.AND I NEVER Coughed again. Not even a smidge. I had no signs of anything...

I have tried telling people.

It saddens me every day to hear all the extreme measures they use to save lives with little positivity. Now ...Why can’t this be heard?

The world has to know what exists and science or someone has to explain

Inspired by Charlotte FIGI story. My unconventional method (although different from Charlotte) helped me be brave and seek answers - put it out there

I wish someone would contact me 

Thank You Susan

  • JANUARY 23,2020