More Than 2000 Years of Leech Therapy

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Leech therapy is an old and modern method at the same time
Many citizens feel disgusted at the thought of leeches.
However, these small, slippery and worm-shaped bloodsuckers are an “old treasure of naturopathy” that has been preserved until today.

200 years BC The leeches were successfully used by the healers at that time. Many older people have had very good experiences with these “animals” or are familiar with “leech therapy” at least from their childhood.
Only a few naturopathic practices still use leeches for therapeutic purposes today.
In many cases, leeches are not mastered, or the patient
fundamentally reject such therapy. The scope of this method is very wide.
Poorly healing wounds and broken bones, skin diseases and inflamed veins can be treated with leeches quite successfully.

For this purpose, the leeches are placed on the diseased areas by the therapist. A session usually lasts up to 1/2 hour. Only after the leeches are completely soaked will they let go. To speed up the "letting go", you can also help with a little salt. If the leech comes into contact with salt, it usually lets go and falls off.

The wounds often bleed for hours. However, these bleeds are local and not threatening, on the contrary, they have a cleansing effect.

What actually happens when a leech gets stuck and why do the leeches have a healing effect?

The leech sucks on the skin and bites a small wound in the skin with its jaw. Now he infiltrates the area and the surrounding area with hirudin, a saliva that locally inhibits blood clotting. This means that he can only absorb the diluted blood.

These “animals” develop a very strong suction pressure. This not only absorbs the blood, but also harmful inflammatory and waste products.

The bleeding of the bite wound has another cleaning effect, as already mentioned. In addition, the flow of the lymphatic vessels is improved and congestion processes (edema) are eliminated.

This form of naturopathic therapy is certainly not for everyone.
However, anyone who has experienced relief from this method will be happy to remember these little helpers.

Today's leeches, which are used for therapies, are only controlled “wild catches” or come from special breeding companies. They are grown in special laboratories and farms and are only available from specialist dealers or pharmacies. These companies are subject to constant official control by authorities and health authorities. The label must read “Living leeches for medical purposes”.

The Latin name of the leech must be called Hirudo medizinalis or Hirudo officinalis.

The leeches are also used only once. A second use, be it the same patient, is prohibited. There is therefore no risk of infection. If this is all too bloody and disgusting for you, you don't have to do without the blessing of medical leeches. In pharmacies there are a number of ointments and gels made from leech active substances that help quite well with symptoms such as varicose veins, slight venous circulatory disorders and poorly healing wounds. Your pharmacist will be happy to inform you about these products. Please also get therapeutic advice.

I hope that once you hear something about leeches, you will also come up with the positive aspects of these “medical helpers”.

Your naturopath!!!