Instructions for Using Medical Leeches

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We, at, have made educational videos for you on how to take care of leeches and how to carry out the treatment in your home. Watch a video that shows what to do with medical leeches when you receive them from the courier:

    Transfer the leeches to a wide-necked jar and fill it halfway with water. Use river water, rain or tap. Use a piece of cloth and wrap the fabric with an elastic band around the neck of the jar. The fabric should have very small holes and should seal the jar tightly so that your leeches do not escape. Keep your leeches at room temperature and do not keep them in direct sunlight. The room temperature can be between 5 and 35 degrees, but the best temperature is about 20 degrees. Replace water once a week or when you find it dirty. Medicinal leeches are more active and ready to suck blood during the day, so hold the therapy until it is light.

For Hirudotherapy, prepare: towels, blood-absorbing dressings and paper tape to attach the dressing to the body. After she has finished sucking, each leech is released from the skin and falls off. From the place where he sucked the leech, blood mixed with lymph will flow for a few hours. Medicinal leeches do not like perfumes, soaps, strong aromas, deodorants, lotions and other aromatic substances.

    When you decide to perform Hirudotherapy it is good not to use perfumes or other lotions on your skin! It is a good idea not to take a shower for at least 24 hours before starting treatment with medical leeches.

      Prepare a bowl of hungry leeches and another container of water to place the leeches full. Those who sucked blood put them in a container separate from the hungry leeches to avoid cannibalism. Prepare your towel for drying and place a medical leech where you want to treat. It is important to be calm and handle the leech carefully. The medical leech placed on the skin finds a place to bite. Allow leeches to suck and fall on their own. It is not advisable to remove the leeches while still sucking blood, but if it is necessary to remove them from the skin, pour a little vinegar, lemon, alcohol or hot water and it will fall off on its own.

Follow a diet a few days after treatment with leeches. Take mainly plant foods, restrict animal products. It is not recommended to eat meat and drink alcohol three days after treatment. It would be good if you reduce the consumption of coffee and cigarettes in the first week after the session with leeches. Following these recommendations, the new blood that will form in your body will be better and cleaner. Prices for purchasing medical leeches can be found on