Treatment with leeches at home (Blood and liver purification)

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Treatment with leeches at home (Blood and liver purification)

 Besides curing diseases, leeches can be used to prevent different conditions and diseases. For this, the leeches are placed on the liver, the waist, the kidneys and the navel. This way the blood and the liver are cleansed and the immune system is boosted.

First session:

Three or four leeches are placed over the liver on the skin. The leech, which is to be used, is placed inside a cup. The cup is put bottoms up on the skin on the desired spot, so the leech sucks on the right spot. A strong itching sensation is felt by the patient, which means that the leech has bitten and the cup can be removed. While feeding, the leech increases its size two or three times and after 15 to 20 minutes releases itself. If the leech does not desire to let go, a tampon with some iodine solution on it will do the job when put on the leech. It is then placed in a jar. The wound is bandaged with a big piece of cotton, wrapped around with a gauze and taped with plaster. Usually the blood continues flowing for a longer period of time, which is completely normal. After 24 hours, if the wound has stopped bleeding, the patient is free to take a bath.

Second session:

Two leeches are placed in the navel. The navel has connections to many organs in the body, which makes it a key spot for healing of many different diseases.

Third session:

Another very important organ for the detoxifying of the whole body is the kidneys. In this session, 2 leeches are placed over each kidney on the back.

Fourth session:

The leeches are placed over the heart area. The leeches themselves find the best points to suck on. The procedure is repeated together with the other sessions.

Fifth session:

Two leeches are placed over the mastoid area of the temporal bone. They are placed vertically, 1 centimeter from the auricle. It is advisable not to put them too close to the auricle, because there are a lot of veins there, which can cause blood loss. The leeches can be initially put at the lowest point, a centimeter above the earlobes. After that they can be placed a centimeter or centimeter and a half above this point.

Sixth and seventh session:

The leeches are placed over the liver and navel. Two leeches are placed over the navel and three over the liver.

Some standard procedures for different problems:

  1. Curing of radiculitis and osteochondrosis

 For this treatment, a couple of courses will be necessary. The first course consists of 7-8 sessions. During each session 4-6 leeches are required, which are done every 4 days. After this, a month without leeches is taken before the next course.

The next course is 4-5 sessions. After it, leeches are not placed for another two months.

The third, final course consists of a single session using 4-5 leeches.

The places where the leeches are placed are:

  • The lumbar part of the spine. The leeches are put on both sides of the spine.
  • Two leeches on the navel.

During this treatment, there is instant relief, as the saliva of the leech has bioactive substances with anti inflammatory and analgesic properties, and which improves blood circulation, which helps the organism fight the disease.

  1. Curing cystitis
  • First session - 3 leeches over the liver
  • Second session - 5 leeches over the pubis
  • Third session - 3 leeches over each kidney
  • Fourth session - 3 leeches on the navel
  • Fifth session - 5 leeches over the pubis
  • Sixth session - 3 leeches over the liver

Between sessions there is a resting period of 3-7 days, depending on the body size.

  1. Prostatitis

Leeches are especially beneficial for prostate problems and curing of prostatitis at home.

  • First session - 3 leeches over the liver
  • Second session - 3 leeches on the navel
  • Third session - 3 leeches on the perineum
  • Fourth session - 3 leeches over each kidney
  • Fifth session - 5 leeches on the perineum

The session are done every 2 or 3 days.

  1. Hypertonic disease

Two to four sessions are carried out. During them, 4-6 leeches are placed on the mastoid areas and on both sides of the cervical vertebrae.

  1. Angina and myocardial stroke

Three to six sessions are carried out, using 6-8 leeches in a period of 2 to 3 days, over the heart region.

  1. Thrombophlebitis

The treatment is done in 2 to 3 sessions. Three to ten leeches are placed every 6 to 8 days. The leeches are placed in a chessboard manner on the whole span of the vein, not further than a centimeter from it. After the session, an elastic bandage is placed over it.

  1. Post-operative thrombosis

It consists of two to three session, using 6-10 leeches over the blood clot.

  1. Hemorrhoids

One to three session are done on the base part of the hemorrhoid, using 2-4 leeches. It is done every day or every other day.

  1. Bronchial asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis

One to three sessions are done, using 3-8 leeches over the sick organ.

  1. Brain concussion, Migraine, Brain hemorrhage

Two to four sessions are done, using 4-7 leeches over the mastoid area of the temporal bones.

  1. Hepatitis

The treatment is long. The patient goes on a strict diet, depending on the conditions of his disease. In the span of a year or two the disease can be strongly influenced or even cured using hirudotherapy. The treatment consists of a leech being placed over the liver once weekly for a whole year or even longer.


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