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How leech therapy helps you: Rediscovered the tried and tested healing method
"The tried and tested healing method rediscovered for you!
In this guide, you will inform the two well-known Moser experts about the natural and painless treatment method.
Already over 10,000 patients put their trust in leech therapy every year. You can get help quickly at any time.
An average of ten leeches are used for basic treatment. If you bite your skin, it feels like a mosquito bite. But that's it! From now on, the treatment is only good for you.
How leech therapy helps you effectively.
When sucking, the leeches inject Hirudin into the wound. This thins the blood, relieves cramps, promotes blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect. That is why it helps them particularly well with varicose veins, thrombosis, rheumatism, phlebitis and headache. It is being used more and more often in trauma surgery and plastic surgery. And: You achieve amazing healing success!