The proven healing effects of hirudotherapy

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A millennia-old natural and well-proven healing treatment.

The secret of the success of putting leeches on is in the saliva secretion of the animals. It contains numerous substances with great effects.

Leeches belong to the family of blood-sucking ringworms, the anelids, and are close to earthworms. The best known of over 300 species is the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis. It used to be widespread in our waters, but is rarely found today due to poor water quality. Leeches are definitely bred for medical purposes.

When starved, i.e. when put on the client, leeches weigh between one and three grams and are usually eight centimeters long. When fully soaked and full, the animals usually reach twice or three times their actual size.

The effect and setting of leeches
The leech sucks by pulling the center of the suction plate back on the head, creating a vacuum. The bite itself is barely noticeable. The animal uses its small biting tools to mill a three-pointed star into the skin. The leech gives its saliva secretion into this wound. So far, scientists have identified 15 active substances in leech stores that can lead to an improvement in well-being.

The effect of leeches is not only caused by blood loss. The leeches suck blood, but this is not a large amount. The effect of leeches goes beyond local blood withdrawal with its relieving and decongesting effects. The difference between the application of the flower gel and other methods is that the leech releases a secretion into the victim's body during sucking. This secretion is mainly responsible for the many different effects of the flower gels. The leech has a wide range of uses and can therefore help improve your general condition in many areas.

Leeches are used to increase overall wellbeing. In most cases, leeches in the sacrum are placed on the back. This is the central starting point for the application of leeches.
Leeches are used in many areas and thus provide comprehensive support for human health. There is no method that works for everyone, but it always comes down to trying.

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