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Leech therapy with buffalo leeches.

Now buffalo leeches can get extremely huge in size.

In fact let me show you how big they get.

This is the person’s hand.

This is the leech.

So as you can see this is a monster. 

Monster leech you could say.

And I’m doing a treatment for varicose veins today.

I do have somewhat of a prone tendency of varicose veins.

I have this inherited from my grandmother.

And in fact I am going  to play you a very interesting and informative news peace while I’m doing this.

And I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you can see everything.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this broadcast.

I certainly did while I was listening to it.

As you can see I’ve got quite a few tree four five.

Five leeches on this leg.

And then I’ve got six buffalo leeches on the other leg.

And what I am trying to say is that you want to have a balance.

So always have the same amount of leeches on one leg as you would on the other one.

Another think to keep in mind always is that four leeches would be the minimum on each leg.

On each extremity so even if you are using for your hands, for your knees, for your head, behind the ears.

Whatever you are using them for you want to have a balance.

And I don’t believe in using less then four.

I think that ten on each would be quite a good number.

But because we are using buffalo in this case that might be a little too much, but a yeah.

This one doesn’t wanna touch for some reason.

They’ve become so huge.

Its amazing how big these buffaloes get.

They, they grow at an amazing rate of speed.

I showed you the picture how humungous one buffalo leech had got.

Next to the arm of its owner.

It was about  a size of his arm.

So if you missed it go back to the beginning of this video and I have flashed it on the screen of my laptop.

These buffaloes  because its my second time using them.

So I really haven’t got a feel a good really good feel for their behavior yet.

But they seem ok.

They seem pretty laid back.

And they they’ve grown tremendously since they’ve been with me.

They were such tiny little babies when they first arrived.

From by the way is where I got mine.

This one just doesn’t seem to want to attach.

So I don’t know what to do with him.

When you put leeches on your legs by the way just feel so good, you feel so great to have all this pressure relieved from this part of your body.

I actually believe that the lower abdomen is very much benefited especially for us wimen who have accumulation of blood in the lower abdomen and we have white hips as a result of that.

When you when you leech yourself you will experience not only relieve in the in the legs here but also relieve in this part of the body.

And if you have pressure, if you feel pressure anytime you sit down or if you fell pressure swelling in that region placing leeches in the lower muscles of the legs will actually, it actually is the thing to do .

Its one o’clock Besides the fact that you can leech your abdomen directly or you can leech the vagina.

Thats another another option for lower abdomen pressure relieve and blood accumulation.

Keep in mind we have so much blood as we have so much blood as people.

That this blood is just it just gets to be too much and it doesn’t help us.

It doesn’t help us in our lives because it actually turns into blood clothing and it turns into tumors and when you apply leeches you tend to leeches liquify everything that they touch.

So once they sink their teeth into your skin and they get a hold of those lymphatic notes everything inside will be made into liquid.

And it will pour out at a very very fast rate.

And thats where the benefit of leeches comes in because they are able to move that stagnant blood, move that stagnation get rid of whatever is been accumulated in there due to our you know non fluid life style.

And due to our meat eating.

Eating meat contributes great deal to blood accumulating in your body parts.

And I am not saying that leeches is a natural way to cure a natural disease .

Its its unnatural disease so therefor you’ve got to find a way to resolve it because of the life style that you that you lead.

And if you don’t want to deprive yourself of the things you love of the foods you love of the you know sort of bad advices that we have as people.

Then you know you have to find an answer.

You have to find a solution.

Thats what leeches do.

They provide the solution to pressure to too much pressure.

This guy clearly isn’t interesting in biting.

 So there he is .

He is buffalo.

You can see the keys.

The piano keys on the side of his body.

I hope he is in focus here but if he is not interesting then there is nothing else I can do for him and for myself.

I’ll just have to find another.

Another little guy.

And there is one available to me.

Let see if we can fetch him.

And look at, look at whats going on here.

These are relatively smaller babies.

And by the way these buffalo leeches are babies.

So when actually they grow up they will get to be this size humungous.

And I am not that interesting in keeping them.

I would normally let somebody else have them, because leeches I don’t tend to keep I just don’t.

I, I move them quickly out of my house.

People want to buy them or they want to have them in therapy.

And I don’t tend to feed leeches and take care of them and rase them breed them whatever.

But these one are special.

These are exotic species.

They do tend to get big fast.

They are sort of like luxury item as they said on the broadcast.

They are very luxury.

And I’m probably going to keep most of them.

Unless there is a really special candidate who wants to have them.

Then they’ll stay with me for the most part.

And I don’t know how I’m gonna take care of them in the winter time because they have to be capped twenty five degree celsius.

And one think about them is they don’t like temperature change like sudden temperature changes.

So you’ve got to be very very careful with them.

They will die on you if you are not careful.

They tend to stick to these rocks.

They love the rocks by the way.

This is their habitat.

They sleep under the rocks.

They love to barrey themselves all the way at the bottom.

So look at this guy what is he doing?

Is he gonna bite me or what?

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Thank you very much for supporting me.

Thank you for being here, thank you for being around.

Thanks for also commenting as well and asking questions and finding me on Facebook and everywhere else.

I really appreciate it.

I am very flattered and I am glad I am glad you finding value in what I teach.

And what I show.

Now this guy I don’t know what he did.

Did he fell asleep on me ?

What do you think?

 What happened? 

Now currently leeches are not buffalo leeches are not sold anywhere else that I know of other then

For shipment all over the world and they are not yet sold in amazon oudou you can find hirudo medicinalis on amazon but the buffalo is very special species.

As you can see its completely green and colors.

Its very sort of homogenous looking and I don’t know why these are hanging like that.

I’ve never seen leeches hang like that when they feed.

I don’t know whats going on.

I hope they are not cold.

I’ve got a few friends now that they are using buffaloes.

I’ve got am friend over in North Carolina and I have another friend here in London.

His name is Chriss.

And I’ll be interviewing him hopefully in the up coming video.

He is a I believe I don’t know if he is breathing them or he is just nurturing them taking care of them.

And if you are in the London aria and are interesting in therapy with Buffalo leeches then give me a call.

I will be the person to contact for that because I doubt that there is any one else doing this kind of thing in and around this area or or in the states. I am not aware of any one in the States doing therapy with Buffalo Leeches.

So if you are one of those that are interested in therapy with Buffaloes, you have got to buy your own buffaloes get them shipped over and use them.

And I do believe that they have to be shipped only in summer if I am not mistaken but I am not quite sure, so you might want to find out from or yeah from that source cuz I don’t know any other shipping them around the world.

And as you heard on the news peace leeches were used extensively for everything throughout.

Eighteen nineteen century medicine and they are still been used because there is a renaissance in this kind of treatment and I am happy about that because I am happy to bring the change about.

I hope to be part of the change and I hope that you will feel the same way because you know too many people now days are too hang up on medicine and hospitals and sergrurey and that kind of things but when you blood let yourself it is said that if you blood let yourself once a month ok once a month then you will live a hundred years.

If I find that poem I will read it to you its a.

So this is what’s happening with my therapy so far.

I know I look really really weird and strange but normally I would just be sitting on a chair with my legs down like this.

Now some people say that medical leeches are better than buffalo leeches because they have more what do you call it hirudin.

I don’t believe that.

Only because they’ve done medical studies on hirudo medicinalis leeches and not on buffalo leeches doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

So this is  what we have so far.

Ok so one of the big boys is already detached himself from me.

And the others are quite happy to continue.

And so I figured I’ll read you the instruction and directions that my buffalo leeches came with when I bought them.

While we wait for the rest to finish doing their job and one peculiar thing I found not to be true in this directions is that they say, they say that buffalo leeches are not attracted to blood but in fact they are.

They say they are more attracted to movement and heat.

Thats not true because there are two guys that didn’t wana latch right here and as soon as they smells the blood when one of them fell off the other one immediately latched in that place.

So and they didn’t wana latch for like twenty minutes before that.

And a yea so don’t always follow directions because they are not always completely true and this is the fat guy.

He hidden in the bottom of the ocean.

They like to hide apparently these buffalo leeches they are quite lazy.

Their behavior is different than the others.

They don’t crow up and out.

They like to actually hide themselves under rocks or in the warm or something warm spot.

So I am gonna be reading.

General veterinary guidance sheet.

Hirudinaria manillensis thats the latin name for buffalo leech.

Asian medicinal leech and I’ve  also heard by the way throw the great vine that these asian leeches don’t have enough hirudin or its not as strong as the other ones and as I said previously I don’t think thats true.

I think that every leech has very good place in medicine.

I think every  leech is important.

I think every leech has just as much hirundin as the any other if not more because these are larger.

And just to just because they haven’t done medical studies on them it doesn’t mean they have to diminish them and make them look or sound less important because want to sell the other once and not these.

I think these are just as good if not better because they suck more.

All right so I manage to attach lets count.

So I’ve got one, two, tree, four, five, six, seven, eight and one let go.

So thats nine on one leg.

And there is one, two, tree, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine on the other.

So we are in good shape.

Exactly the same amount on one as as they are on the other one.

Although some of them were larger then the others so.

The the two most important thing to avoid are chlorinated tap water and sudden temperature change.

Again I found this not to be true.

I have been keeping them in top water.

No problem at all.

Temperature change yes I agree with that.

In fact I think you should keep them at above fourteen fifteen degrees celsius.

I am not sure what that is in fahrenheit.

You might want to research it I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll post below in the description what that means in celsius in Fahrenheit.

Ok so check the leeches upon arrival to insure that all have arrived in good condition.

Occasionally the leeches made this color their container and the gel may be a dark greenish color by the way this is what the gel looks like.

And there is a leech inside.

And there is also one leech up at the top.

And this maybe how you’ll receive your leeches as well in a bottle like this to keep them protected.

The gel maybe dark greenish color.

This is simply waist from the leeches and can happen if their journey has been a bit rough.

There is nothing wrong with the leeches if this happened.

We use the hirudo jell which the leeches arrived to keep them moist during transit.

This gel will need to be removed and replaced with still bottled water upon arrival regardless of whether of when they’ll be used.

So be sure to change your leech water put your leeches in cold water soon as you receive them.

Transfer them from the gel don’t keep them in the jell don’t keep them in here because they’ve been traveled and there is waist matter inside.

This gel will need to be removed and replaced.

What you need to do next with the leeches will depend on how soon you want to use them.

If you are planing on using the leeches straight away with in the next few hours.

Once the gel has been change from spring water the container should then be left at room temperature for at least in hour before use.

Leeches are more active and on the search for food when they are warmer.

Therefor they will be quicker to attach.

If you are not planing to use the leeches immediately.

If you are not planing on using them until the following day it is best to place the container with the gel having been changed for still bottled spring water in a warm place but not in a direct sunlight.

Applying the leeches.

Before applying the leeches in sure the application site is free from all substances with a strong order or taste.

And I’ve been telling you this guys all along.

Make sure you have no soup, you have no soup shampoo perfume deodorant.

The small searching end of the leech is his head and the larger back is purely a sucker.

Leeches prefer to feed on sights that are free from hair thats why I shave my legs because they will not attach if there is hair on your legs.