Leech Therapy for Liver Detox - Video Tutorial

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We have two leeches that have latched at the moment.
One of the navel and the other in the area around the liver.
How do you feel Gosho?
Strange, especially with the one on the belly button.
Let her suck the tar that has accumulated in my lungs.
You need to.
Just putting leeches where you want to detox.
Oooh that one sucks strong!
Yes, they find their chosen spot.
We have four sucking leeches now. 
Two in the navel and two around the liver.
What do you feel Gosho?
Mild pain or strong pain, how do you described it?
A slight stab with a knife.
With a knife or a needle rather?
Like needles.
Leeches love to suck in the area where other leeches are sucking already. 
See how the area has become red?
You see Gosho?
And how long do they suck blood before they become full? 
Do they get drunk and fall on their own?
Only when leeches penetrate the skin, they release their juices that are necessary to thin the blood and help them to suction it out.
These are our other leeches
Gosho do you need me to put more leeches on you?
Well, if they want to bite me, yes.
I think they like you, but anyway we have already started ...
That one looks like she doesn't like me.
Let's place her here.....
Oh, she ran away, away!
Um, yes.
She is investigate this area... still...
Let's see whether the leech liked it.
For the first session, five or ten leeches are a good start.
The leech trusts his navel.
We have three sucking blood from the belly button now....
It starts to rain.........
Time is with us!
We can always move inside.
So, the first placement position of the leeches is the navel, because the baby sucked from his mother through the ambilical cord, while inside its mother's uterus, it is the food of his mother with the umbilical cord and after it was cut, the leech helps open up the same channel through which the baby was fed when it was in the belly. Leeches help to unclog much of the area, if there are any blockages.
We can try one more leech.
Come on buddy.
Yeah, she seems interested in you.
Where are you placing her.........oooh yes, she bit me!
Did you feel it?
Oooh yeah.
Oddly, I felt the leech biting me at a lower spot.
Not surprisingly, there is a reason you felt it that way. 
Oh those of the navel began to suck me steadily.
Can you feel them?
Yep strangely from time to time, it goes from nothing nothing, alternating with strong sucking action and more sucking.
Bearable pain, nothing special.
Really it became quite red around the leech bites, but this should not bother you.
It is best to wait for the leech to fall off on her own, after she is drunk.
After she is drunk, we keep her in a separate jar.
Leeches stay separated from the hungry leeches, because they will get involved it cannibalism.
Is that right?
Hungry leeches will attack those who have drank blood and are full.
And drink from them ... really?
Yes, but not kill them, just bite the fed ones and just drink the blood.
Thus, it is advisable to leave them alone.
But if you want, you can remove them yourself.
Often we use vinegar or salt to help the leeches unlatch.
In this video we would show how to remove leeches from the biting site, but, put a little vinegar and the leach will immediately release her hold.
Oh, you dont remove the leeches with a knife?
Removal of leeches with a knife is dangerous I would say....
I mean, you can't catch them at the base and just like that simply prop them up with the knife, and voila, they will be released?
What you are suggesting Gosho is a bit dangerous, because if you try to pry away the leech by force and pressure, it will spit it out and vomit her blood inside the wound and then its not pleasant.
This've seen it in my practice, a man tried to remove a leech with his finger, and this move was not particularly well managed, so the leech backed up the blood which she had taken in and it became like a giant blood clot.
So, you best leave them alone, leeches will fall off on their own, when are ready to. 
And how long does it take for a leech to finish feeding?
It depends....... each person is different.
Depends on your body, how pure, or toxic you are......
Ooo you dont say!
After these leeches drink from me, they might die!
At least you will be less toxic afterwards.
These are very interested in your navel.
Leeches today love your belly button........in my observations.
Here, these droplets of water here are from the leeches, they put out something like mucus......
Gosho you smear it on your skin, if you want.
Aww, no, its slimy.
How do you feel?
Can you feel them?
No, no, that's strange, they forgot to drink
Do you want to sit up?
Well, looks like these leeches did not die from my toxic today ...
No, they stayed on you a very short time.....
That is the leech's front, the place where suck from..
Gosho is not disturbed by the rain that drips.
Even he is delighted..
If you're cold you can sit on the stool, do you want to?
This way leeches will let go faster.
This maybe true.
Leeches latch best when they are in the water.
They love them wet, not like drought.
These large did not want to get caught, but leave them for the next session.
Do not allow your phone to get rained on!
aaah my shoes!
Can you stand up?
If you keep sitting down, leeches will not fall off any time soon.....
No they will not fall, they have caught-on tight.
Oh that's crazy.
Leeches you had a lot of nice places to suck from!
As I mentioned, these are the first and most important places for hirudotherapy - the belly button and the liver!