Leech Therapy for Acne, Skin Lumps, Bumps, Cancer & Tumors

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Treatment on myself, with the help of leeches.

I chose two large leeches, as you see and put them above my ear, because I feel a small lump and leeches help to break up lumps.

I feel the leeches are pulling now.

The bigger are leeches, the more more experienced and more hirudin they put in the blood, which actually helps to dilute it and brake up lumps, blood clots. Smaller leeches, the amount hirudin, which injected in the blood is less.

This is not my first time putting leeches on emergency for lumps.
Two winters ago, two years ago, on the soft part of the ear lobe, I got a big, big red, like a boil - very and scary and I felt lots of tension in this area and lots of itching.

And the strange thing was, the boil did not come to a point, to help it burst. 

I also kept squeezing it out, it just hurt me, without popping.

And then I said, I will try with leeches.

And now, as I put the leech on the lump, it latched right onto the places where the boil had come out. 

Well I remember now, it was late in the evening.
I can not describe the relief I felt even as the leech drank and sucked blood and lymph from that area.

I could feel the tension while she sucked.

And so she continued her bloodsucking activity. 

In the morning when I woke up I felt much better.

The bump had stopped growing and it had melted.

I also felt a very pleasant feeling while leech suctioned right here.
The sensation was like a tickle, like, someone you tickles soles of the feet, terribly pleasant.

It is generally better to use leeches in the daytime, while there is still light outside. 

Then they are more active, but I also enjoyed leeching in the evening too.
Evening time, I feel, they dont drink as much blood, 
Leeches do bite, but not as actively.
See now how many active movements the big leech makes, how well it sucks blood?

Leech night, as I was watching her, I had a feeling she was falling asleep.
I had gently nudged her with his hand to intensify her suction and to remind her to begin sucking again.
But you see these leeches, how they are active, hungry and active in the daylight.

Once the leech let go of me, I have prepared a towel that will put in place to absorb the blood.

A sanitary napkin can also be used to dress the wound and use tape to tape it up and contain the bleeding.

Why do I show you how I do leech therapy on myself?

Because every day I see people who have boils, pimples, lumps.

These are places with contaminated blood and lymph, where there the body stores a kind of filth and with the help of pimples, the toxicity goes out.

Tensions and pressure are also relieved.

If these people only knew they could be cured with medical leeches, they would feel so much better. 

My leeches must have become pretty big already.


Thank you for your attention.

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