Leech Therapy: OBGYN / Female Reproductive System Problems

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Today we are going to do leech therapy again and for this we are going to need my leeches.

I’ve prepared a whole collection of leeches for you to look at.

And we are going to be using  those for my therapy.

And those are hirudo medicinal medical leeches.

These are from leeches.com.

As well as you can buy them from Amazon

And I also have a surprise for you.

These one here is my aquarium full of, these are very rare and unique creatures.

Those are my Asian Buffalo leeches.

Now I am not gonna be using them for the therapy today but I just thought I’ve show you how cool they are, those are my babies.

And you can also get them on Leeches.com.

Those become extremely huge in size.

If you ever look up Asian Buffalo leeches they get like this big and their bite is probably like this big.

I don’t know I am not sure.

I’ve never tried them.

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So lets get started.

The topic of today’s discussion is of course leeches and leeching yourself for health.

And just give me one second.

All right I am back.

I just wanted to prepare somethings for the therapy.

I have some bandaging material which is some feminine pads.

I also have the leech forceps which I can’t do it out.

And this is masking tape.

It is also sold online.

Check out the links bellow for all the different veriest packages of where you can purchase your supplies and your leeches.

And we are also going to be needing this bandaging material which basically babies swamplands.

They are extremely absorbent so I am going to use those.

And I do believe that I have to cut those up, but we will get to that later.

So the topic of today’s leech session is leeching your abdomen.

For those ladies out there who have pressure, they feel pressure in their lower abdomen.

This therapy is for you.

Now one of the most prevalent issues with wimen in the females out there and maybe even some of the males and that is stagnation in the abdominal area.

So all of the blood that we have producing in our body is actually entering the abdominal area here and is being held up there.

So the more years go by the more blood forms and stagnates here in abdominal area and thats what makes ladies hips go really wide and also as the years go by they get ever squared and even more wider.

So what you wana do is prevent that from happening and also when the pressure builds up in abdominal area it also goes down into your legs and into your ties making your you know giving you problems like such as  varicose veins, pressure in a like swollen feet and calves, pressure in the legs and various such issues.

Not to mention the problems that occur with female reproductive organs you know having this stagnation here prevents you from being able to reproduce and have babies.

So lets go started with the leech therapy.

I’ve placed my leeches in a new aquarium that I got and they really seem to be enjoying it.

They really don’t even want to come up.

They don’t wana they don’t want to run away.

They love the rocks.

Those are non toxic glass rocks and these are non toxic white rocks for the Buffalo Leeches.

And I am not going to use really huge leeches this time because I am doing the abdominal area.

So I am going to use this size.

And this little guy is going to be enlarged by ten fold.

And I am just going to bring over a chair.

And basically what we do is you place the leech.

You don’t want to place the leech right on the fold because if you do that you  going to be  bleeding  profusely for many many hours and I’ve heard cases where the  bleeding really seems to never stop when you place them there.

So I am just going to place my little friend somewhere a bit a way from the fold so maybe up here.

Let see if he want to bite.

They don’t seem to like hair too much.

Maybe I will place him down

Well I prefer to place him up here rather than down there below the fold.

And because he doesn’t  want to bite immediately I am going to place him in this little cup and I’m going to help him.

Oooh not oooh nooo I hope it doesn’t bite me there.

Thats really, thats gonna be painful.

No , no.

He seem to be examining the area.

He is not really sure if he wants to go for it.

Oy yeah, he seem like he does want to go for it .

Ok, oy great.


This is not the best feeling in the world to be having right now.

Ok so he bite me.

Ooh Jeez my goodness.

Now I am gonna repeat this procedure with my other leg and I really want to drain the stagnation from up here rather then down here but sometimes you don’t really have a choice.

They bite wherever they want to bite.

And this doesn’t seem to be causing me much pain.

So let me go ahead and go for another one.

This guy is larger.

Lets see if he will do anything.


He seems more interesting to biting but he is biting the glass.

Yeah it need to come out there buddy.

Just come out of the bottle.

All right yeah.

Yes , that what I am talking about.

Oh Jesus, yes he bite me right there.

Oooh my goodness and he is a big boy too.

Ok so we are in business.

We have got two boys sucking me from each side and for the sake of the tutorial I am only going to keep two of them on there but ideally what you wana do is have at least to at each side. 

I would recon you probably need even more than two.

I would say just just like for the lower calves for your swollen legs and your varicose veins you need at least four at each leg, so when you are doing abdominal drainage which is what we are doing now two on each side is probably the best.

So but again because you are so close to the creese here you are risking having allot of bleeding.

So again be careful with that and thats why I am doing two.

And of course I’ve never done abdominal bleeding on my self.

This is my first time.

So I am not sure what to expect in times of bleeding in how many hours.

Ooooh Woow This guy is really big.

He is really hurting.

Yea so while we are waiting for them to fill up I am gonna talk to you a little bit about leech therapy and the questions I’ve been getting.

Most frequently ask question is probably how often can you do this.

And the answer to that is:

You can do it as often as every four days because when the leech loon heals it takes about tree to four days for the bleeding to completely seize .

And then after the four days you can repeat again and or you can do it as much as twenty five days apart.

So if you wana repeat therapy you don’t wana wait more than twenty five days because then you’ve acquired h

Oooh these guy really hurts, anyway so you’ve acquired more dirty blood again.

So every twenty five days at a most and every four days at least.

And another frequently ask question I get is :

If it is a pet leech how often do I need to feed it.

And the answer to that is every tree months if you can.

And if it doesn’t want to bite after tree months then do it every six months.

So try every month after the tree month mark and it will, it should want to bite again.

Another frequently asked question is how do I get them to bite.

Am you saw how I did it .

I used this little device.

You can get it probably at leeches.com or amazon I am not sure but you check out the links bellow.

I’ll research where you can get it.

And pricing, pricing also works.

I heard hot water works, if you rub hot water oooh Jesus.

Aaah ooh okey all right, enough already.

You really hearts me.

This guy doesn’t heart at all.

So yeah but we want to do is either prick yourself with pricing landset needles you can get from leeches.com or you can put rub hot water on yourself or using cupping device.

And what are some of the other questions i get?

Oh I get so many questions.

Regarding the vaginal leeching, I did a video and and be sure to check out my all my videos as well.

I did a video on vaginal leeching where you place the leeches inside your vagina and you have them sucking from your serviks.

As fat as thats concerned what you need to do there is you need to place them two or tree days after your bleeding has stoped.

So with that I boleave you would than have to wait tree or four days afterwords before you can sectual intercourse.

After you place seven to nine leeches on your serviks tree to four days after you bled, you stop bleeding, your period is finished, then they will suck and they will come out on their own and then you wait a few more days before you can have sex.

So if you have any questions about that let me know as well.

Thats very interesting topic because I recently made a woman who’s actually proclaiming that she had this leech therapy.

This vaginal leech therapy done on herself and she is actually testifying directly to me that she had conceived the baby, her child using that method.

She also had sad to me that you need to wait two tree days after the leech therapy, before you can have meat.

So you need to be a vegan for two tree days after you’ve applied leeches on your serviks before you eat the meat that you enjoy.

And yeah and she have a baby to show for it ,so you know that sound that pretty convincing to me.

And recently I’ve been really up on this abdominal leeching method because its not only for resolving issues.

Its just just for general health, female health because all of us females really suffer from accumulation of the blood here in the abdominal area.

And it just accumulates and it just stagnates and it makes things to move slower and you are prevented from been able to enjoy optimal health when this happens.

So be very careful with that.

Be very careful with how much meat you eat because when you eat obviously pork all of your veins and of all your blood gets congested with all the colest, cholesterol and your veins start to really suffer when they pump the blood, when they, when the blood pumps throw them and tryes to disperse around the hole body and.

So pork is a very major factor why we get blood stagnation also all of the others meats that you eat.

Eat them in moderation or not eat them at all if you can.

Try not to eat meat.

Try being vegetarian.

I was a vegan for ten plus years and as a vegan I really enjoyed really good health.

Am sort of back to meat eating again but I don’t really do it as a predominant source of my nutrition.

So  but be sure to comet below.

If you have any questions to me, I really prefer to get questions via comments because I, I don’t always have the opportunity to answer email the people wright to me.

And you can also book a private session consultation session with myself and thats also, that  can be done throw leeches.com.

There is an option there and you will get thirty minutes of consultation time.

If you, you know, if you have any private questions.

Allots of people asks me like really private questions.

Some wimen just really share with me very personal details about their, their issues.

And I understand that.

So its probably better if you just have like one on one time to speak to somebody about that.

So these boys are getting bigger and bigger.

And this one is hurting me.

You can see there is redness around the bite.

Can you see the mouth of this guy?

The section on this guy compared to the section on this guy.

This one is much smaller.

So its not going to bleed as much and its not going to obviously hurt as much.

But, yeah I hope my videos are informational to you.

Let me know if they are not.

If I need to be discussing anything else anything more.

Allots of people ask  me where they can get certified for leech therapy.

Well certification takes allot of finances I could say.

Operates of ten thousand dollars.

And if you really are keen on educating yourself about leech therapy just buy a book.

You know leeches.com sells leech therapy  books.

I believe one for sure they sell I am not sure about more than that.

But you can click on my links below and check that out as well.

But educate yourself throw watching my tutorials, my videos and asking me questions and the comments and readings books.

And I recon in a short time you’ll have much knowledge about this subject and also that you can practice it yourself.

And I get, people also tell me that they  really encouraged by watching my tutorials to try the therapy.

And do it themselves which I really find very happy news.

And I hope that more people are inspired and to try it and you can see its not really that difficult, its not that involved.

Also keep in mind, ooh look one of my Buffalo is coming out ooh.

Lets take a look at him by the way, lets take a closer look.

I am kind of scared to touch him because look at how big they are.

The are just babies and they are really really big.

Ha ooh my goodness.

No you cannot bite.

No no no no.

I am really curious to see his mouth.

Oooh look at his tummy.

His tummy is so like flat green.

Plane green tummy.

Very interesting.

I don’t want you to bite me doe.

I am just gonna compare him to let me see another one here.

Lets find a really big one.

So here is what the difference is between the  two boys  Asian Buffalo and HIrudo Medicinal, Medicinal Leech.

These are european.

These can only be found in Europe and their backs are so colorful and they got the green in the middle, the dark green.

And they also got the orange stripes.

OOoooh Aaah Aaah.

Oh no where did it go.

It was starting to bite me.

Oh my goodness.

I am glad I stoped him.

The camera man, thank you camera man.

You stoped me.

He opened my eyes.

He stop this from happening.

I am really scared from these Buffalo babies by the way.

I really scary in case you can tell.

 I am gona use them for therapy for on the back of my neck.

But for now I have not decided exactly how and who I am going to use for therapy because there is a hole family of them and some of them are really really big.

You can see them they are really.

How did the camera man know that he was biting me?

Thats what I don’t understand.

He must be really big specialist on leeches.

Yes they are beautiful.

They will get really really huge in size.

Let me show you my other collection here.

These are from Leeches.com.

And there is one guy who is very unique.

I haven’t figure it out what he is yet.

And if he is medicinal leech or not.

He is got a dark back.

He looks like he could be a North American leech.

I am not sure if he is a blood sucking species.

So I am not even sure if he is a blood sucking creature or not.

But he is extremely peculiar.

I think that leeches.com sended to him to me send me this guy by mistake.

He is some kind of exotic species.

He is not one of those regular Hirudo Medicinalis they would buy from eight to ten dollars.

So let me show you some of the other ones.

Do they really like these glass non toxic glass rocks don’t they

How did the camera man know that I am being bit.

Thats what I don’t understand.

Oh no oh no you are not biting.

So as you can see they are really lively.

They are really beautiful.

They will make great house pets.

Allot of people are buying them for pets.

Children enjoy taking care of leeches apparently.

You can set up really nice aquarium or terrarium for them.

Sort of like this one and you can.

And you can take care of them.

You can put some leech moss on the bottom.

You can put their monitor  if you want to keep track of their temperature because these are the European leeches. 

They don’t required to be hot or warm or anything like that.

But these ones the Buffalo leech they require special temperature.

They require special temperature, so they will get real cold if they are not above twenty degree celsius.

Yea so their monitor will be really useful I need to.

I think I had one here somewhere.

Anyway so lets see the progress on our little guys here.

This one getting flat and he still forming a channel for sucking.

And lets take a look of the other guy.

Oou This one is already started sucking.

So this guy because he is larger.

As you can see he is already like filed up a little bit.

Because his channel is  already been formed.

I think this one is still forming it but this one has formed it.

And yea so they are just doing their job right now.

I will keep you informed by the way on whether or not I recede any marks or anything like that as a result of this therapy.

Hopefully not but you never know.

So also I received a question from a viewer asking me because I did a video on how to feet your pet leeches and somebody asked me :

What, what else , where else can I feed my leech if I don’t want to feed it on myself.

Can I feed it on my cat or my dog?

Even somebody ask me if they can feed their leech on their grandma. 

So I thought that was funny but its not really that funny because the grandma has Alzheimer’s

And she really isn’t present in this reality she is just really spaced out.

And the viewer asking if he can put a leech on her.

So, I just don’t know what to say.

If you feel its humane way of treating your grandma who is with Alzheimer’s then go away and do that but I really don’t think it will harm her, because obviously leeches do heel and they have healing powers and they can just help her, they will help her condition.

But because she is wilt Alzheimer’s than all you want to do is always monitor the bleeding because the bleeding thats go on for ten hours afterwords.

If you don’t monitor it then she can make the whole bad bloody.

And also by the way, I don’t know if I told you last time about this.

But now is the time, my friend Linda  told me to reminded me to tell you guys.

The bleeding after therapy is not actually pure blood.

Its seventy percent limp and thirty percent blood.

And thats why when you see the bleeding that goes on after therapy you’ll be like :

Is that real blood ? 

Its really really really white color.

And its not a scary scary sight to see.

Its just, its just really like white looking.

And thats why.

Its because its seventy percent limp, lymphatic fluid.

Its not to scare you or anything.

You going to drain your limp which the limp connect with the blood eventually and they become one.

And If you drain your limp you actually cleansing your blood.

Oooh this guy is hurting me again Jesus.

I recon this guy is going to stay on here for a long long time.

I really do think so.

And ideally I would I would probably put four on each side.

So if this weren’t my first time doing this, I would have four leeches here down here and up here.

And four leeches divided up here as well.

So two up here two down here two down here two up here.

Thats what I would have it.

That would be my minimum.

That’s what I do when I put them on my legs.

And I also I also don’t do less then four when I put them on my gums if I have tooth infection to draw out my, any kind of positits collected above the the gum, sorry on the kneef the surface of the gum and above the tooth, or below the tooth where the chamber with the nerves is located because as the nerves starts to die inform pus an infection.

So when you place less than four leeches they will just they will make the situation ever worst.

But as  as you put four leeches then you’ll feel how it drains you out completely.

So yeah so four leeches is your minimum.

And if you are doing therapy on animals.

Say your horse or your dog, or your cat.

With the cat I wouldn’t do any less than four either.

On any given part of the body.

And with the dog  I probably wouldn’t do less than six or ten.

And with the horse I wouldn’t do less than thirty .

And with sheep and other types of you know farm animals I probably would do around thirty per animal.

So don’t fool yourself in to thinking you gonna buy one leech and that leech is going to solve your problems.

Its not.

Four leeches is your minimum.

So bear this in mind.

Also if you always wanted to try leech therapy but you are not quite ready yet.

What you could do is you can buy your leeches and keep them at home as pets.

Just learn hot to care for them.

Learn how to take care of these little creatures.

Its going to be very useful for you to do that because as you start doing therapy on yourself than you will be ready.

You know some people buy  them, they don’t know how to take care of them.

Their leeches die.

And then they wonder why.

You know thats because they haven’t done their research they haven’t done their homework.

Oooh my goodness this one is really biting me now.

Oh Jeez.

Yes and if you haven’t done your homework, if you haven’t watch my videos, if you don’t know whats the proper method of keeping leeches then you  gonna  jump straight into  therapy and you are not going to be prepared for this.

So be sure to always educate yourself, learn before you apply.

And you can take care of them for few months before you put them on yourself or you may choose not to even use them at all.

You may you may find them really really good pets.

And you may decide them just just gonna keep them as pets and I am not gonna use them for therapy.

You can do that for up to a year.

Leeches don’t need to be fed for up to a full year from the day you purchase them.

As they’ve been fed few months before you purchase them but they can lass for another year after that.

So don’t feel obligated that you have to immediately feed them or immediately use them or something like that.

No you do not have to.

Another point I should make is keeping them in a fridge.

Allots of people think that I have to immediately put my leeches in the fridge.

No you don’t have to do that.

Leeches don’t have to stay in the fridge.

Only people who know what they are doing should keep their leeches in the fridge because keeping them in the fridge is going to is going to be very tricky.

You have to know the temperature which to keep them, because they may freeze to death.

So I would say if the refrigerator has the dial from one to ten, if you keep them at four or four or tree, five is too much.

So keep them at tree or four thats the optimal.

And don’t fill up your aquarium or your jar where you gonna put the leeches in.

Don’t fill it up all the way up to the top because they require they do require air to breath.

They don’t require much oxygen but they do, but  they do have to have oxygen.

So be mind full of that.

When you place your leeches in a fridge

Don’t ever fill it up to the top and expect that they will live.

And on the interview I’ve done with Ciryl who is who I consider a leech expert on his own right even doe he is only eighteen.

So the interview I did with Ciryl he miss to tell me tours the end of the video that he actually keep snails inside his leech lodge.

And those snails actually eat the skin of the leeches.

So my point is that when you watch that interview and you think you know everything you still don’t know everything you still don’t know the whole picture, the whole story.

I think these guys are going to be pretty much ready to drop off sometime very soon.

Especially this guy.

This one is not nearly full enough but this one.

What happens to the leech bites after the enitial therapy day?

If you watch my video where I did leeching on my legs you will see that at the end of the video I shall what happenes with the leech bites next day in the morning.

Basically turns into sort of  like a pass packet, sort of like a what do you call it?

Like a like a zit or pimple.

And you just take it and then you squeeze it .

You squeeze all the pus out.

You get rid of it.

Then it might start bleeding again which is fine.

It still more pus and more dirty lymphatic fluid and dirty blood.

So just let it drain out let it bleed out.

If the next day you still have pus again you can squeeze it out again and get rid of that.

I also recommend you don’t consume any alcohol after therapy.

I’ve heart of people who get fever when they do that.

Also I don’t recommend you smoke.

I dont recommend you  eat meat.

If you do that you might a start to get really itchy.

On the places where you had them bite you.

Another think I don’t recommend is drinking coffee after doing leech therapy.

I have done all of those things.

I’ve smoked, eaten meat, drank coffee and also had alcohol.

I had a beer or wine or something.

I didn’t get any reaction but not everyone is like me, you know and I also  did it moderately.

I don’t I don’t over exceed.

I don’t over stimulate my body.

I always try to keep it minimul.

Oooh look at that .

This guy wants to come out.

Where  are you going?

Now its really interesting because leeches would normally try to come out of the vessel where they are in.

In this case when I ‘ve kept them in this aquarium with the rocks, they tent to stay in between the rocks, they really do enjoy the rocks.

They never try to climb up and get out.

Thats very peculiar.

I’ve never seen that before.

So these rocks must really be, they must really love these rocks, they must really enjoy them.

And these are probably like new born Buffalo babies I would recon.

And these of course are not new born.

These leeches are probably, how old would they be?

I don’t know.

Lets take and look at one.

This one is probably six months old.

This is not one of the biggest ones.

Lets take a look at the other ones.

This is a big boy.

I ted this one is a year old.

This might also be pregnant as well.

There is a bump in  between  somewhere in the body there.

I see a bump

So this one is a year old.

This one six months.

These too are probably somewhere  around six months as well.

And leeches do live up to two years or tree sometimes it depend on the variety of the leech.

So now lets take a look at my guys.

I am going trying get these guy off.

Because is been there for a while.

And I doubt that this one is going any where anythime soon.

This one is just now getting started.

But this one also has quite allot to go too.

Again thanks for supporting me in my channel.

I have over five hundred subscribers now and its really helped my channel to improve and the quality of my contend to get better and more informative and more entertaining for you as well.

So I do encourage you to subscribe and give me your thumbs up if you like my videos and also drop me a line.

Tell me you know comment on my video.

Let me know if you like it.

If you was, if there is anything I can do to improve it.

Or if you’d like to know more.

Or if you’d like me to do some kind of therapy that you’ve heard of.

And you haven’t and you want to see me do it and I haven’t done it yet.

I do intend to do most of the therapies that I’ve done on myself.

I do intend to record videos about them.

Hey guys my last leech just dropped off.

So he is back in the jar with all the fat leeches.

My bleeding is just now starting and I am going to bandage it similar to the first one so just put the feminine tap on the top secured with masking tape.

Its a really superficial bite. 

Its just like any mosquito bite or anything like that.

Its not very deep.

You don’t have to be scared of it.

Let me show you the first one.

And I am going to just reposition it to another spot.

Just so it continues to absorb and that all there is to it.

Its all there is to it. 

Thanks for watching.

I hope you enjoyed and learned allot.

Be sure to subscribe and check out my other videos, check out the links below and will see you again next week.