Leech Therapy for Cysts, Lumps, Skin Bumps, Tumors

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Today we are demonstrating leech therapy for a bump on the head.

Its a form of a cyst or a lump.

So and its a fresh new one.

So if any of you have you know like a new bump anywhere on a skin on a body, then it is curable by leech therapy and it is actually very very effective this kind of therapy.

Although we are not medical doctors.

So this is not medical advise, and its just a demonstration and personal opinion.

So enjoy.

Jelio has had this skin lump about how long have you had this?

Tho weeks.

He is had it two weeks and its right there and what we are doing is placing about tree leeches of a large size on that little cyst.

Now if you have old cyst of this sort I wouldn’t advice you placing leeches because they are not going to be cured with leeches.

The reason is because its only good for, this kind of therapy is only good for a new lumps.

And it is in my experience and in my opinion its one hundred percent effective.

So you should get this lump to go away by just applying two tree leeches.

So lets get started.

For this we will need feminine pads, gloves, masking tape, medical leeches, forceps, little wash glove, and maybe a little tweezers  for leeches as well.

You will also need a separate jar to place your fed leeches until its time for you to dispose of them.

I don’t euthanize my leeches so I keep them in a jar and then I dispose of them in the river.

All right.

We starting by placing a large guy, fairly large leech on Jelio’s lump.

Its my easier for me to handle them with the forceps with the leech forceps.

All right, he is looking for a place to bite at the moment.

He should be directed to bite right on the lump, if he is not then we might need to induce him by maybe pricking the pricking the place with a little needle and bleeding it out a little bit just to induce the leech to bite.

Just to trick him into biting right there because they sometimes bite else where, but here the goal is to bite right on the tiny little cyst he’s got.

This one looks like he is about to bite, but he is not sure where.

So we’ll give him a chance to decide.

All right.

So looks like he did bite bait.

Is he biting Jelio?

Ohh yeah he is biting.

He is biting ok.

We will give him a chance to latch on and meanwhile I will prepare the next guy.

And he is very fat.

He looks like he might be a little lazy too.

And we don’t like lazy guys.

So I am just replacing him with another one.


Ok he bit right on the lump I might say.

And this first one has position himself very well in a typical position for a sucking leech.

And the second one is just now positioning himself.

No he hasn’t bit you yet Jelio.

But he will.

This one looks like he wants to bite right on the same place as the other one.

They usually bunch up together and they bite together in the same place.

Although I’ve heard is not the best way to do leeching when you have several leeches to have them bite in the same place.

The reason is because they, the affected area of the bite is about ten centimeters in radius.

So when you have two leeches biting in the same place the affected area will be again ten centimeters.

So which you want to do is placing ten centimeters apart in order to have complete effectiveness.

But in this case we are trying to cure a lump.

And we are not just treating affected large area which is treating a very very small area so.

All right this one bite so its onto the next one.

How many are you going to want today Jelio.

Give me one more.

Ok he seems to think he can do with one more.

But I think he can use more like five total.

Ok put maybe one or two under them…

One or two under them.

What do you mean by that Jelio?

Here just here.

Can you can you move your finger please?


Can you move your finger?

We’ve one fell somewhere.

Did it fall…under your shurt?

It might fall oh here it is.

We found it.

Now what you wana do  when you position the leech on the forceps is you want the head to be pointing outward so that you can easily direct his movement.

And doesn’t always work but it is very good idea.

Now this third one is a challenge.

He doesn’t really wana do anything.

So lets see  wats happening here.

Oh he wants to go inside the ear.

We don’t want you there little buddy.

What you could do is if you want to be eve more precise and effective.

You can use large syringe like this.

Place leech inside and have you got the leech?

No ok so.

Oy here it is.

Here it is thank you.

So when you have syringe like this I just place my leech inside and hopefully he can get out from the exit the syringe and bite into the affected area.

But its easier said then done.

Its actually allot more effective to have your forceps into just guide it alone than to put it into syringe.

So I am just gonna get him out cuz I don’t like the idea and its not working out.

Wow this one seem to do the job.

He I think he bite right in there.

Yes can you confirm he bit you?

Yes or he is still searching?

I am not sure.

I think he might of bitten.

So I am gonna do one more.

Jelio thought he can get away with just tree, but I am the therapist here and I decide.

You are getting a really really big one Jelio.

Wow thats humungous.

What I want him to do is just guide him so he can bite right in the spot when we want him to bite.

He doesn’t seem to want to..he doesn’t seem to find the right spot.

It is getting quite crowded in there so, I can understand his dilemma.

Come on little one.


Lets try with another guy.

You can only give somebody so many chances.

This one is just now waking up.

Don’t hold it against him.


They seems to really want to latch exactly in their chosen spot.

Sometimes you are really helpless as what you can do with these creatures.

They have their own mind.

They know what they want.

They have senses.

They can sense the warmest place and no mater what you do you are really not going to influence them.

So we gonna try one more guy and if he doesn’t wanna bite I am gonna leave Jelio with just tree.

Tsetsi can you make him bite me here?

You want him to bite you there.

Yes sure.

Here just here.

Why not?

Why not?

And you have one guy up there who is…there is one who swept down.

The other one is already filled up with blood and these guys don’t even wanna bite.

You have one that fell Jelio.

I am searching it.

He felt on your shirt.

No, let me see.

No luck, maybe he bit em inside this shirt.

Will find out soon enough.

Thank you.

You can usually tell when a leech bites you because it has a little stink so it doesn’t go an notice.

Let see whats happening here.

Now you’ve got the fourth guy who just bite you and I am not sure where, because they are all bunch up together.

So while we waiting I thought I just give you some leech facts.

Leech therapy has been around for a long time  as you may already know.

Maybe thousands of years.

Maybe as old as the world.

And as been used for thousand of years for many many different medical conditions, for any kind of deceases.

The only kind of decease that you don’t use leech therapy for medical use is a any condition where your blood is too thin.

I think hemophilia is one of the conditions when its not recommended, or anything where you may suffer from lost ot f blood.

But usually its pretty safe.

And its its a applied effectively on across the border all kinds of medical conditions.

And with these kinds of bumps, lumps and cysts it usually takes care of the problem like this right away.

Before my eyes I’ve been able to get rid of you know lumps right on the spot that same hour and the lump goes away.

It just it just once the leech does his job and once the swelling goes away in tree days the lump is completely gone.

I’ve got experience placing those leeches on patients heads with they had lumps and they had patches of skin where hear doesn’t grow so bold spots.

And the hear goes back on the bold spot after leech therapy.

So its quite effective that way.

Pride it to that they had a lump on the bold spot.

So its like double condition with the lump and the bold spot at the same time.

Maybe its some kind of a cancer’s formation or I don’t know what it could be exactly but its blood that stale so you need to brake it up with leeches and you need to put as many as you possibly can stand in order to get good results.

Now lets see whats going on with Jelio’s leeches.

They seems to be filing up quite well.

They are getting big.

So, so far so good.

We are doing very well.

And you’ll notice while they sucking blood they will be dripping clear liquid.

Some kind of clear fluid they comes out of them.

Either they sweating that out of their body from the blood, they are filtering it from the blood or whats happening is they are secreting it back from their mount and its again from the blood.

So this white sweet they dripped up from the leech is definitely from the blood plasma they inject or the limp because the popular opinion is that actually the leech doesn’t sucks blood it sucks limp.

So this clear liquid that drips down comes from the blood and they keep the good stock.

They keep the red hemoglobin, the red blood court parcels and they digest those.

They don’t do anything with the clear liquid.

Now lets see wats happening here.

Slowly but surely they increasing in size.

All right.

This tiny little guy looks like he didn’t get latch on any where or maybe he is finished but either way I am not able to but him on.

He is probably not gonna bite again.

So I’m just returning him back in the jar.

And it still has one two tree leeches left.

And Jelio how many leeches have you had placed on your body all together.

I think around a hundred.

Hundred leeches.

Ok, I think I’ve had more so I bit you in that.

And whats the weirdest spot for you had a leech?

I am not sure.

Oy you are sure, you told me.

Do you wanna tell the youtube viewers?

Yeah why not.

On my penis.

Ok so Jelio had leech placed on his penis.

And you did that for what condition?

Did you try cure condition or did you just do it experimentally?

I just make it experimental.

Ok so you wanted to see what happens.

But I think the story that he told me was that the leech was just crowing about and it just fell in that aria and he just let it bite there.

Just to see what would happened.

So is that what happened?

You just let it bite?


Ok, now lets see whats happening here.

From my leech enthusiast friends I hear that you can place leeches in the penal area around the penis and the testicles for erectile disfunction as well as for any kind of condition related to procreation with the male organs and you know those types of conditions.

But I am not really sure because I haven’t  really dealt with it with man.

To treat man on those kind of deceases.

So I would be the right person to ask.

But I’ve heard from other people that they’ve done it and they they seem quite pleased with the results.

So seems to be effective that way as well.

Ok these are getting quite larger and they are ready to fall of soon.

So we better get out leech jar ready to accept them.

These one’s got humungous leeches that are from the previous therapy I did when I put some in my mouth.

And also there are some from therapy where we did leech placements on Jelio’s foot.

He had a broken leg.

So, so these are just the fat ones that are going in the river.

They are going to be dropped in like a public lake or river just to allow them to live rest of their days in happiness.

Because I am against utilizing leeches as you may know.

I am also reusing them.

I don’t think that you should make them vomit to reuse them or I don’t think that you should That is very humane to  you know induce them to throw up the blood.

Also I don’t think you should wait for them to digest and reuse them again because its just takes too long and you keep changing their water you keep caring for them and really all they wana do is just go in the wild and be free be happy you know and find maybe after tree to six months when they are ready to suck again find a frog or fish or something to feed on instead of, instead of just living in somebody’s house in tiny little jar.

Its just not, its not very cool.

But lets see whats happening here.

So we’ve got these tree guys just sucking away.

And how are you feeling Jelio?

I feel perfect.

Thats very good.

You feel any pain at this moment?

No, right now I don’t feel pain.

I feel the the pressure is gone.

They just take, they just take the pressure from that place. From that spot.

Very good very good, yea.

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Very soon I am going to upload video that I did yesterday.

Where I used leech therapy in my mouth.

It was with tree large leeches on the roof of my mouth.

And thats done usually for hypothyroidism or for double chin.

If you have any of those conditions its very effective to use leeches in the roof of your mouth.

However it is a very bloody ordeal.

So if you are not use to watching blood, looking at blood then don’t watch it.

But if you don’t have a problem with looking at so much blood dripping from my mouth then you might wana search for that video or maybe I will link it below and you can enjoy it.

And lets see wats happening here.

Those are getting extremely big.

This guy here especially.

I can’t see its hole body but he is getting very very large.

So he will be dropping very soon.

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Leeches inject you with like a tranquilliser and whenever they suck out blood from you it has a general calming effect on the body and what happens is that you will feel allot more calm and relax and may even fall and sleep.

For sure you will stop talking.

If you are big talker leech therapy is going to get you to stop talking.

Its gonna shut you up.

I’ve seen this many times when whenever I put someone to therapy and they are like their mouth isn’t stop vaping.

I put the leeches on them and they shut up.

They get like quite.

Even I get quite.

So it works on everyone across the board.

So lets see wats happening here.

Op two of them dropped.

Ok they dropped ok.

They dropped their bottom and one of them let go.

So there is the other one.

Jelio can you pick them up?

Thank you I will pick them up for you.

So this is what the fat leeches look like.

They are quite humungous.

Very big.

So now they are going in the jar.

And lets see wats happening with the are.

All right we’ve  got very very bloody aria here.

Thats because he is now going to start bleeding profusely from this therapy maybe for hours and hours and hours.

Just hold this for me.

And I am expecting the bleeding to stop in about oh I would say tree four hours for Jelio.

Because he is had experience with leeches.

He is had many many leeches.

And he doesn’t bleed as long any more.

And the more you had the shorter your bleeding time.

So thanks for watching.

To the next week and subscribe and will see you again.

Thanks again.