Leech Farming Guide

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Leech facts :

650 known leech species 

Only 5 species

Largest ever discover measured 1.5 feats

Leech has 32 brains

Leech lay babies within cocoon - quantities as many as 300

Unisex, Hermaphrodite

As hermaphrodites, leeches have both male and female sex organs. Like the earthworms they also have a clitellum, a region of thickened skin which is only obvious during the reproductive period.

Mating involves the intertwining of bodies where each deposits sperm in the other’s clitellar area.

Rhyncobdellids have no penis but produce sharp packages of sperm which are forced through the body wall.

The sperm then make their way to the ovaries where fertilization takes place. The clitella secretes a tough gelatinous cocoon which contains nutrients, and it is in this that the eggs are deposited.

The leech shrugs itself free of the cocoon, sealing it as it passes over the head.

The cocoon is either buried or attached to a rock, log or leaf and dries to a foamy crust. 

After several weeks or months, the young emerge as miniature adults.

Studies show that the cocoons are capable of surviving the digestive system of a duck.

Leeches die after one or two bouts of reproduction.

3 Sets of jaw - each jaw 100 teeth

Bite of a leech is painless due to its own anesthetic.

Hirudo injects an anti-coagulant serum into the victim to prevent the blood clotting.

The leech will gorge itself until it has had its fill and then just fall of.

After the Hirudo leech drops off the wound it leaves will bleed, on average, for ten hours.

Hirudo Medicinalis is the leech mostly used in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

By extracting the anti - clotting serum from the leech researchers are isolating new pharmaceutical compounds for eventual treatment of heart diseases.

What leech farming?

-Give nature a helping hand

-Protect endanger species and prevent disruption of natural ecosystem.

-Provide sufficient and high quality leeches for the help of medical field.


Enzyme extract for dilute blood clog (heart problem)

Male enhancement - viagra and leech oil

Cosmetics = Lipsticks (Maybeline)

Leech therapy

-inflammatory Reactions

-Heart diseases 

-Rheumatic diseases 

-Tendovaginitis and Tendinitis 

-Venous Disease and Varicose Veins 



-Muscle Tension

-Antidyscratic therapy (blood purification and regeneration) of toxicoses and mental illnesses

-Thrombosis and embolism

-Passive congestions and spastic conditions 

-Vertebrogenic Pain Syndromes

Transudates and exudates

Why leech farming?

-Breeding multiplication factor up to 300x

-Low cost start - up and high return

-Require minimum space/area

-Low cost feed - eel, vegetation, root, peat, cat, fish, coconut, moss

-Require minimum maintenance

-High demand and varieties of usage

Return of Investment


Given capital of RM3000 (USD833.00)Conversion rate : 3.6

Mature leech : RM1.60 - RM5.00 (depend of size of pool, material used, and location)

Leech Food : RM600 for 6 months (Again depend of type of food, avaibility and size of tank)

Facts about Leech Farming

Leech grow & mature periods : 6 - 12 months 

Breeding factor : 200x - 300x


Example investment calculation

Mature leech = RM4.00/pc

Quantity of 500 mature leeches : RM4.00 x 500 = RM2000

Leech pool and setup cost = RM600 using poly tank with outdoor canopy

12 Months food cost for 500 leeches : RM33 x 12 = RM400 (Diet dependant)

Your total investment will be (RM2000+RM600+RM400) = RM3000 

What is your return?

Now of leech after 12 months = (500x300) = 150000

Since leeches can able to multiply by 200x to 300x

Let say the Surviving rate ( Yield) = 50 %

The mature leech produce = 150,000x 50% = 75, 000 leeches

The gross profit will be = 75,000 x RM1.50(vary according market price) = RM112,500 (USD31,250)

Your Return of Investment = 112,500 - 3,000 = RM 109,500.00

 Choices of pool/tank

-Earthen Pond 

-Canvas Pond

-Concrete Tank/Custom build concrete pool

-Polyethylene Tanks (Poly Tank)

-Glass Aquarium

-Any large liquid container with wide base will be suitable 

 Leech Breeding Environment

-Dark and Still Water 

-Water PH slightly above 7

-Use of Rain Water/Underground 

-Pool/Tank Pre Conditioning 

-Temperature 5-29 C

-Free of leech egg predator (snail, fish, and insect)

-Cover netting to prevent leech escape 

-EM Bacteria ( enhancement, auto cleaning)

Cover with root/canopy from rain

Leech Market : 

Live Leech


-Leech Therapy - Clinic, SPA

Dry Leech 

-Traditional Medicine

Frozen Leech

-Food - sushi

Leech Safety 

Survive in human body

Prevention - Wash with Salt 

Traditional method - Honey

Transmit HIV, Hepatitis 

Avoid from Children

Caution Biohazard

Wash with salt after using leeches

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