In Which Cases the Leeches not bite?

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Why do leeches refuse to bite?
The first reason is that those leeches you have may not be medical at all. What is certain is that all leeches, like humans, are different. More than 650 species of leeches are known. And only a few of them are used for medicinal purposes - the type of "medical leeches". Is it possible to see if a leech is a medical one? A person who is not dedicated to the world of leeches would be difficult to identify. First, make sure the leeches you have are medical. The safest and easiest way to check for leeches if they are medical is to buy them directly from the manufacturer of the organic farm. The medical leech is colorful, with a "tiger decoration" on the back.

Chiropractors from various centers claim that the best place to buy medicinal leeches is a specific region of Moscow, at the International Center for Medical Leeches. You can also buy medical leeches from the pharmacy.The second reason is that a medicinal leeches buy from the pharmacy can be refrigerated or too cold and do not want to eat. In the event of sudden changes in temperature, some medical leeches sometimes "refuse" to suck blood.

Third reason: When you pour water into a jar with medical leeches and the water is too hot. Boiling water can also be a reason for a medical leech to refuse to cling to the skin. It is best to keep your leeches at room temperature.

The fourth reason: this leech you chose to put on your body you may not like. Medicinal leeches are sensitive to biological rhythms, magnetic storms, low atmospheric pressure and solar eclipses. Experts have found that healing leeches do not like to suck blood at night. Even if you put your leech on your body and it sticks, it will do so reluctantly. Moreover, these medical leeches also feel your psychological state and, if you are nervous, angry, terrified, scared, you may not want to suck blood. In this condition, it is better not to place medical leeches. Calm down, balance your emotions, make peace with others and with yourself, and your leech will be ready to treat you.

Fifth reason: Every leech has a so-called "love period". Medicinal leeches reproduce during the breeding period from May to June, when each sexually mature leech does not think to eat as much as when mating with other leeches.

Sixth reason: all medical leeches do not like smells! If you use deodorants, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, it is better not to use them with one, two days before deciding to put medical leeches on the body. The aroma of soap, body lotion, perfume, shower gel or coffee is the aroma that repels all medical leeches. To avoid this, do not use flavoring products that can leave an odor on the body, as your medical leech will not want to bite you.

Seventh reason: If your skin is too cold. In this case, rub the area of ​​skin where you want to put your leech. Rub until redness and blood move on the surface of the skin.