How to Remove a Leech From Your Skin Video Tutorial

Posted by Tsetsi Stoyanova on

We are in Tsetsi's flat. Her friend Jelio sits at a table in the foreground, a small leech feeding on his bared right arm. He smiles into camera, and is shortly joined by Tsetsi, who says: “Hello friends: it's Tsetsi again. I'm here to show you different methods of of removing a leech that has latched onto the skin of the patient. There are several ways you can induce the leech to let go if it's already bitten the skin. One of the ways is using warm water: it will actually cause great discomfort to the leech. We have also prepared the second material which is salt. I have also prepared a little bit of vinegar, which is the third method. There is also a fourth method of removing a leech which is just simply [to] wriggle it around. So you will find that if you just dip your fingers in any kind of water, and wiggle it, and if it is very full and very heavy, it will just fall off on its own. But this leech is quite small, so trying to wiggle it is not going to work. I have already shown how to remove it using the warm water method: in this video, I'm going to try using two other methods: the salt and the vinegar. So let's start by trying a little bit of the vinegar”. She asks Jelio whether he would prefer her to dab it on or to pour it: he opts for pouring it. She pours a little vinegar from the bottle-cap onto the leech, just where it is biting the skin. It detaches immediately, and falls into a waiting container of water, where it is seen to swim happily. The wound begins to bleed. Tsetsi then says: “It came right off. As you see this is a very effective method”. Holding up bottle of vinegar: “This one is organic cider vinegar, which I got from a health food store, not chemical stuff that you get from any supermarket. The wound has already started bleeding, and it is going to do so for several more hours for Jelio. So the way to bandage this wound is to use napkins, feminine napkins, and masking tape, and we are going to place it on and just tape it up. Now we didn't get to use the salt, because we didn't have to, thankfully. I've had some bad experiences using salt in the past, whereby the leech got very uncomfortable, and not only did the leech not let go, but started vomiting blood it had already swallowed, back inside me. It was a very, very uncomfortable experience, so I avoid it. This was the first time I have used cider vinegar, and it looks like the vinegar has worked magically: I'm very pleased with the result. We hope to educate you and we hoe you learn a lot from watching the videos. Go ahead and subscribe, and like our videos. See you soon, bye...” Tsetsi and Jelio smile into the camera and wave goodbye.