How does leech treatment work?

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Today's knowledge of how this therapy works goes far beyond the simple bloodletting effect. In leech treatment, physical, reflective and biochemical effects intertwine, which make up the healing effect of the therapy.

Biologically active substances
The saliva of the leeches contains over 30 biologically active substances (hirudin, hyaluronidase, egeline, calin, ...).
These ingredients work:

pain reliever
Saliva can prevent blood clotting (thrombosis) and even dissolve thromboses that have already formed (destabilase).

Bloodletting effect
The bloodletting through the leeches decongesting and pressure equalizing. Blood loss stimulates the body to form blood. The result is a "fresh cell therapy". There is a total blood loss of about 15 - 40 ml per leech.

Effect on the lymphatic system
In addition to bloodletting, an improved drainage option for jammed lymph and tissue fluid is also created.