Hirudotherapy for cardiovascular diseases

Posted by Jelio Mir on

Leeches are successfully used to treat cardiovascular problems and diseases. Some schemes for such therapy are:

 For angina

 Leeches improve the symptoms of angina and improve the overall health of the patient, suffering from it. Leeches help redistribution of blood throughout the body, improves the blood circulation, dilutes the blood, which all improves the oxygen and nutrient distribution to the heart muscles. The therapy also alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. For the treatment of angina there are a couple of standard points, on which the leeches are placed. On the zone of the liver, a centimeter over the arch rib, along the length of the mid right back 2-3 leeches are placed; over the sternum, where it meets the xiphoid process 1 leech is placed; 1-2 centimeters from the sternum, on the 3-4 intercostal 3-4 leeches are placed.


 Hypertension is a very common pathology. It is one of the leading diseases of the age, characterized by a constant high blood pressure due to a damaged vessel regulation. When treating it with hirudotherapy, the leeches are placed over the mastoid part of the temporal bone or on the neck. In one session 4-12 leeches are placed, depending on the condition of the patient. 

  1. Heart failure

 When the heart fails to perform its pumping function it cannot provide sufficient blood circulating throughout the body. Patients with such a condition are cured for a long period of time. Hirudotherapy, in this case, is used as an additional therapy. Four to eight leeches are placed on the zone of the heart in the 3-4 or 5 intercostal on the left side, a centimeter from the sternum. The complex treatment, including hirudotherapy, gives fast therapeutic results for the patient, which further prevents the disease from worsening.

 For the therapy of all kinds of problems of the cardiovascular system the following therapy can be used:

 During the first session the leeches are placed over the bio-energetic points, the liver, and over the mastoid part of the temporal bone. Ten leeches are placed over them. From the second to the sixth session the leeches are placed over the thyroid gland - 10 leeches, the back part of the neck - 4 leeches, kidneys- 3 leeches on each kidney, around the eyes - 2 leeches on each side, on the anus - 6 leeches, on the waist - 6 leeches. On all session an additional leech is placed over the liver and 6 over the heart.

When conducting experimentally such a therapy on elderly patients with cardiovascular problems, during 6 sessions and after 186 leeches, the patients felt extremely well after the third session, the heart pain was completely gone, gone were the symptoms and the blood and urine analysis improved significantly.