For which diseases is leech therapy indicated?

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Leech therapy has been established as a naturopathic treatment for centuries and is now available as a modern treatment with a broad spectrum of efficacy and good tolerance.

For which diseases is leech therapy indicated?
acute and chronic joint pain (e.g. knee joint, thumb saddle joint arthrosis)
Varicose veins / spider veins / lower leg ulcers
Tendon and tendon sheath infections (e.g. tennis elbow / golf arm)
High blood pressure (supportive treatment)
Rheumatic diseases
Otitis media / tinnitus
Boils / carbuncles / abscesses
Spinal and sacral syndromes
Circulatory disorders after skin and tissue transplants
What happens in leech therapy?
A treatment usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Depending on the indication, one session is often sufficient.
At the start of treatment, the leech is placed in the appropriate place, soaks itself in and carefully saws into the skin with its calcareous teeth.
This process is largely painless, since the leech releases pain-relieving substances. In the further course, the leech introduces the active substances into the tissue during suction and then falls off on its own. The small bite wound is kept open for 8 to 12 hours by the active ingredient calin and continues to bleed. During this time, the wound must be covered well with absorbent dressing material.
The desired effect often occurs immediately after treatment and often lasts for months.
After the treatment, we do not kill the leeches. They are transported back to the leech breeding farm in a species-appropriate manner. There the animals live in "pensioner ponds".