Cosmetic & Beauty Leech Therapy with Baby Buffalo Leeches "Hirudinaria Manillensis"

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Thanks for joining me again for another leech therapy session. Today I am going to do leeching on the back of my neck. This aria is also known as the blood brain barrier between the head and the body. It protects the brain from all the toxins entering the head and the brain because the brain is mainly made of chemicals and those chemicals need to be kept pure so all of the dirty lymphatic fluid that circulate around the body whenever our body is in toxic state. It will pass throw this barrier and it will trying get filtered somewhere here. so when we leech this particular spot thats exactly where all the dirty limp accumulates and this is where I am talking about wright here. As surprise for you today I am going to do leeching with surprising new member of my family and thats the buffalo leech. Its a baby buffalo leech that I am going to be using for therapy as well as to feed it and these buffalo leeches they get really huge in size eventually. So this little boy might get to be about this big this big yeah I know. So earlier I filmed a video of  how I leech my abdominal aria and this little guy try to bite me on the hand so apparently he is very hungry. We are going to try in feed him as well as extract benefit out of the therapy. So I am putting  him into this glass. It is just a little cup that is going to help him latch wherever I want him to latch. so lets go ahead and try that. Is he bitting? Is he doing anything? What is he doing right now? He is on your skin. Is he going to be bitting?You will understand that. Oh Jesus no. Don’t tell me that. Can I remove the glass cup.Yeah.Is he bitting? Oh Jesus. I am really scared of him. don’t really sure what to expect. shall I go ahead and place a regular leech next to him just show the difference? I will go ahead and do that. Now this one here is my regular hirudo medicinal leech collection and those big boys and girls are happily enjoying themselves in the water but they”ll about to be placed and put to work. So I chose the biggest one because he is a… that little baby. Oh my god. Can I remove the glass cup? Yeah. Is he doing anything? Searching position. There is hear wait wait Mhm. The other baby is done latching? Ooh. As you can see using leeches on your neck is just really a toff job especially when you are doing it by yourself. So you wana have a helper ideally when you do this but it is a very good its just a very good practice because it just gives you like a sparkling your eyes it gives you like an ump. And I really love it. Thats my favorite spot to leech myself is the back of my neck. Whats going on with this big guy now? Is he going to bite me? I think so. Ok thanks. Now what am I feeling here? Whats going on over this side? He is going somewhere. Is that the big guy? Yeah. Ok. Doesn’t seems like he wants to bite. Maybe he wants to bite me on my back. He is going down really low. Looks like the buffalo leech really beet them to the punch. That buffalo leech really know what he is doing and the other guy is just I don’t know what his problem is? Maybe he was fed to recently. I am going a let him swim a little bit and meanwhile I will take another one. Seems this is so difficult to do. I am going to try put several of these boys into the cap and see which one will bite. For sure at least one of them will like me. Its hope. Just keep this here. How is the buffalo looking? Ooh somebody bite me just now. How is the buffalo doing? He is doing his job. Ooh thats nice. So lets see who bite me here. How many bite me there? None. Oh no I just felt it. I just felt it. I could swear somebody bite me. Oh I can feel the baby doing it. The baby buffalo. No for sure somebody just bite me. Yes I got one. Yes. Is it just one? Just one. The biggest. The biggest one. Ohh no just three. Just three? Oh is that including the baby? No. So I got three of the Hirudo and one baby. Oh Wow. Thats a great accomplishment. What I wouldn’t give to see how this looks right now on me but you can see it but I can’t. All right. So I got three on this side and I got the baby right there right? Right. All right. Good job. Now let me just explain to you about these babies right the Hrudinaria Manillensis i think is the latin therm for it and I think that they are species of Asia and they don’t have as much hirudin to inject in you as much as European leech but they get allot bigger and they suck allot more. These are just tiny small babies that haven’t even been fed yet. I am not sure. Maybe they have been fed once. I have to ask the leech farm that sold them to me to find out how old they are and how recently they have been fed. Also you can buy them on and so what I was trying to say is  those baby buffaloes I have a friend he is on Facebook. He is got his own forum. You can find the link below. His name is Anson. He is keeping allot of these baby buffaloes and he is been nurturing them for about oh I would say about a year and they are about this size by now. So you can see the baby is this size and his babies are these size and thats because he is  been feeding them every month he said or every three months. And you can see one of his video I will link it below where he is got three baby buffaloes hanging from this side of his eyes and he is said that he is been applying leeches all over his body for the past couple of years Anson has and he is experienced great results. How is he looking? Is he looking any different than the other one? Did you see any more green or any other color? There is some different. Oooh my god I can feel very sharp pinchy pains over on this side. Oh my God. I can fell really pinch pains. Oh my gosh. Yes so Anson has been really nurturing his babies and he is very proud of his own babies the Buffaloes and I know allot of people in Facebook want to acquire the baby Buffalo and it hasn’t been available up until now on Now that it is available someone want to bread them and they are buying like one or two of them and they are are mating them together as you know leeches are hermaphrodites. So they will when you put two of them together they will create family and they will reproduce. So what they are saying they start breading the baby Buffaloes for some reasons I am not sure why. Maybe to use as therapy you know when they have babies but I know taking care of leeches is extremely difficult. Its not an easy task. What I mean is taking care of leeches is not so difficult but breeding them is a difficult task and if you know what you are doing you might end up with generation of leeches but Aaah Oooh my god. But for the most part you are not going to be able to breed leeches. I have been deeling with leeches for two years now and I haven’t been able to breed them. They are they are difficult. Even doe you can buy pregnant leeches as well and you can try creating… What is dreaming down my back? Is that is that a liquid or is that a blood or what is it? Yeah liquid. Its just the liquid. So what I am trying to say is you can even buy the pregies but when you buy pregnant leeches you still don’t know if they are going to give birth because if you don’t create the right conditions for them if you don’t give them the right moss, the right temperature, the moss has to be half dry, half wet thinks like that. They are not going to give birth and they are not going to give you the eggs and the cocoons that you have expected. So don’t expect that you will be able to breed leeches so easily. I am not sure how it works with baby Buffalo but I know the Hirudo Verbana and the Hirudo Medicinalis are hard to breed. But they do make excellent pets cuz they are so easy to care for. Now what regards with this particular therapy: Whenever I take Epsom salt to clear out my lymphatic fluid, every time I take Epsom salts I get swelling in my neck. So I get these like lymphatic bubbles and they do each, and when I pop them, and I squeeze out the lymph out of them, then they stop eching me  but it just tells me that all the lymph travels up to the brain and it gets held up here when its…aah oh my gosh. When its, when the lymph is dirty it gets held up right on the neck. 

Aaah ooo This is very,  very sharp.

How are they doing?

Are they all hanging down?

Oyy Ok I just felt two of them.

Ohh my gosh where is the third one?

I can’t feel the third one.

They are two in one.

Ok, and is the baby Buffalo looking any different than them?

Not so much.

Oh so this particular therapy just gives you clarity of the of the mind of the brain, it just purifies your lymphatic fluids, thats going to the brain. 

It will also drain out all the dirty blood in this area.

This aria is very very tuff aria.

I mean this is where all the stuff gets congested and it gets held up before going to the brain.

And like i said its my favorite favorite spot for therapy.

It never leaves any marks.

You can put pretty much as many as you want.

You don’t really feel them that much.

Its easy to contain the bleeding.

Its a very, very good therapy spot this one.

I also like it behind the ears.

There is one iranian woman that I did therapy on, who said that she write in Iranian Parsi, Farsi scripture, that leeches are supposed to be placed behind the ears, every twenty five days, and ten of them, behind each ear. 

Every twenty five days. 

And she had me come over every twenty five days to do that for her.

And the purpose for that is to prevent blood clotting in the brain, prevent blood clotting in the head in general and to promote excellent blood circulation and I believe she was enjoying excellent health as a result of that.

So ten behind one ear, and ten behind the other ear.

Twenty total in one therapy session.

She would have them done and then she would go to sleep.

And I didn’t put any large on her I just  did mediums and smaller ones, but we could of done large ones as well.

I just thought she was very, very brave to do you know so many leeches at one time and she was about like seventy.

How is it looking are they getting big?

Mhm Oy jeez.

All right, there is two of them here right?

Yeah I can feel them.

So we just going to quietly film how they are feeding and I will come back to you in a little while.

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I hope they are full by now.

Are they full?

They are quite full.

Oh one of them drop off.


This one?


Is that the biggest one?


Is there any way I can contain the bleeding or?


How are the other ones doing?

They are fine.

I know they are fine but how are they doing, are they filled up? 

Are they about to drop off?

I am not sure.

And by the way you guys, seventy percent of what comes out after therapy is lymph and thirty percent is blood.

So don’t be alarmed when you see something like this.

Its not real blood its lymphatic fluid thats why its so bright.

After therapy will be bleeding for about   ten hours but it will, all that will come out will be this color. 

Its just bright red.

Its not scary at all.

Did the other one fell of as well?


Cant see anything.

Am I absorbing in the right place?


How is the baby doing?

He is big baby.

The fact that these leeches dropped off so quickly, or at least one of them did is actually a good sign. 

This means that I have well established canals for moving lymph and moving blood and you would have to be worried if leech falls asleep on you.

That means that they had really hard time establishing a good channel for sucking your blood and it took him a long time. 

That mean everything was like really blocked-up and stuffed-

up, and the leech had a really hard time, and also, if the leech is taking for ever like more than twenty minutes to suck from you, that should be a reason for worry, and you should apply more leeches that way you can work that area out, like work out the flow, the flow canals in that area. 

So the fact that this leech really dropped off so quickly was very good sign, that everything in the back of my neck is a really well and this aria is kind of hard to contain the bleeding on.

If you are by yourself, if you have someone else helping you than they can just tap, dap the bite with a little bit of you know cotton or some kind of paper towels, and they can absorb the blood, but if its by you are by yourself doing it, I would recommend you taking a towel like old large towel, and just holding it lengthwise, and just raping your neck around with the towel. That way the towel will absorb the blood and you don’t need any bandaging.

And thats usually what I do, and hopefully I will be able to do the same thing when one drops off and the other is still left on, you have no other choice but just to contain the bleeding on one of the bites and just wait for the rest to take, to take a place.

So lets see they are getting bigger of progress.

This little boy’s getting full.

I can feel him.

And these too.

Also some very interesting information that I came to learn recently and thats that leeches will inject you with antibiotic and thats to help them return on the same spot or on the same body that they’ve sucked before, and that body will be kept sterile for them to come back and feed on, so they’ll actually, so its like marking there there territory with antibiotic. 

Just to make sure it’s sterile for them next time to come and feed on. 

Which is very interesting.

They also inject pain killer.

So in the beginning you might feel a little sting when they bite, but in after a while you won’t feel any more because of that pain killer.

This little boy wanted to bite my hand earlier when I was filming the abdominal leeching video, and he almost bitten to my hand.

I barely was able to shake him off my hand.

He was a latched already.

It was a sight to see.

Check out the other video just to see what happen.

Also check out all my other videos to see the procedures I’ve done prior to this one.

So you can learn and then just see how I take care of leeches as well. 

Because there is a lot of more involved than that. 

You have to change them water every day.

Sorry not every day.

Every week if you have under twenty.

I do have over twenty, so I have to change it every day.

And when the water gets a little bit green you want make sure its change, because their skins get  shades into it also their excrements, and the water gets dirty. 

And also you want to keep them in a real good plastic leech jar or one of these aquariums that I have, and you wana put some good rocks on the bottom non toxic to make sure that they hide underneath, and that they keep themselves cool in the summer.

Don’t put your leeches in the fridge if you don’t know what you doing.

If you,if you keep them on over, too cold of a setting of your fridge.

They might freeze to death, especially when they are fed.

If you have fed leeches do not place them in a fridge.

Now what is the progress of my bitters?

I’ve noticed that there is some inflammation going on here in this aria where the buffalo leech is biting.

Woow he is getting big. 

I can feel him.

Maybe he will drop off soon.

These ones are getting big too.

Hopefully they will fall off shortly.

I can induce them to fall of by the touching there little clap and just wiggling them around.

Also I can put some cold water on them.

But altomatly if they are not completely full, we don’t want them coming off.

I actually want them to stay the full corse of their meal.

Thanks for sticking around by the way, and thanks for subscribing and checking out my other videos, and supporting me.

I get lots of comments, positive comments, inspired comments, people telling me that they never had any real courage to try this therapy before, but once they watched my videos they really felt confident in themselves, and thats the whole purpose of my videos is to show you can actually do this yourself.

You don’t need a hirudo therapist or any kind of like specialist to do it for you unless you don’t know the acupuncture points then I wouldn’t recommend you doing it, but if you are kind of familiar with what points to tackle then you are perfectly suited to do this, you know by yourself especially after educated yourself, you’ve read up on leeches, you’ve watched some educational tutorials and videos.

I think you are perfectly capable of trying it at home just don’t over do it, don’t do more then four the first time around, but I think that the pretty much the minimum leeches to apply on a particular spot is four.

Because if you do less than four the inflammation itself that they will cause because they do inject you with hirudin.

So there is a bit of a inflammation and you can see a red spot, red circle, and that, that inflammation will be more that the actual growing out function that the leeches do, and you are not going to feel much of an effect.

But when you have four or more leeches then they really manage to draw out allot of the accumulated and stagnant blood that’s been clouded inside your body, and they break up  the clouding, and when they work together like four of them they help each other form a good channel throw which to draw out the blood, the toxic blood. 

So thats the hole logic behind putting four leeches on any given part of the body, but this situation  with these four leeches just happen by chance.

I wasn’t planing on it.

I was just gonna do two the baby buffalo and maybe another one but yeah I got four.

That I am not gonna con plane out.

I was really gonna do like ten or twenty if I didn’t film this tutorial, if this was just myself doing it.

I wana do ten or more than ten, maybe twenty would be a little too much.

Ten is a good number.

But for the purposes of the tutorial that would be too much.

And one day when I really I’m up for another session, then I will do ten or twenty for you guys to see.

And yeah, don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions.

Now how are they doing on this side? 

They are good.

Are they?

And how is the buffalo baby?

Is there allots of blood on my neck?

Wooow the baby felt off ! 

Look at that!


Wow what is he doing? 

Is he trying to bite me again?

I hope not.

Look at him.

He really does not any color.

He just got green like, not even, not even bright green as just like a doll green color.

Look at his tummy.

Thats very, look its like a piano keyboard on the side.

And lets look at its suction.

He is got just very interesting, its just kind of very interesting behavior.

His behavior is not even the same as my other leeches.

Hm well I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

The other two will just fall off on their own.

And I will proceed to bandage myself with more of these feminine pads, and using the masking tape as I’ve done in my other videos, and I’ll just tape it up, or I’ll just rub myself in a towel.

Just rub an old towel around my neck and keeping it there fore about hmm I don’t know the next few hours.

If its your first time it will be ten hours at least before you can take it off.

But what is he trying to bite me again?

Is he still hungry?

I am not in understand.

He still…

Anyway hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for tuning it and I’ll see you again next week.

Bye !!!