Buying Leeches? WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR LEECHES ARRIVE Leech Care Instructions

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I am here today to talk about leeches again 

My name is Tsetsi and if you have any questions always ask me and I’ll make a video for your question.

All right so lets get started.

First of all your leeches will probably arrive in a mail like this.

Now what is happening here is they are actually swimming in a leech gel.

So its like hydro gel that they put them and ship them into you.

And they’ve been traveling probably about, who knows maybe about a week or ten days and what they wana do is get out of this gel.

So the first thing you wanna do is get them out.

So the way you do that is unscrew the cap and then dump it.

Dump the contents into a jar just like this.

And when you dumped the contents the leeches will fall out.

Now sometimes they don’t just like this big one.

Its just stuck in the bottle.

So what you want to do is if you can’t get it out just by shaking the jar the bottle you might have to cut this bottle open.

So in this case I am just vigorously shaking it.

To try, because it is a large leech.

So its got a big suction on one end.

There is also another big suction on the other end.

But she only sucks throw one end.

So what we want to do is get get its untucked  from the bottle.

And because I can’t get that done I will actually have to cut the bottle.

All right but you know how to do that.

You will just get the scissors.

You cut straight throw the bottle and then what you wana do is take the leech.

You can take it either with your fingers.

Ok just like this, just like this.

And be careful because they do you see how they stuck immediately on my finger but am just keep moving it around ok just keep moving so it doesn’t get stuck.

And it doesn’t start to sucking blood from your hands.

Ok and then just transfer it into your leech leech jar.

Now the leech jar what needs to happen when you transfer the leech you can either use a plastic container or a glass container.

It doesn’t really matter as long as the water is cold, the water is clean and its not filled up all the way to the top.

You also don’t want to have too little water.

So once the leeches that arrived in a mail are in with the gel in the jar you want to dump out the gel and the water and just fill up fresh water from the tap.

Or you can use rain water, or you can use like river water lake water anything.

Tap water is just fine.

So right now whats happening with my leeches.

Do you see how there is swimming skins in the jar ok?

So those skins whats happening is they shed their skins and when they shed their skins you want to immediately get rid of those skins.

Because thats what’s killing leeches.

And when you don’t dispose the skins timely then your leeches will start dying.

So am the way you do that is just unscrew the top and dump out the water with the skins.

Then pour em fresh water.

Then just shake the jar vigorously to get more skins to fall off.

And then pour it out again.

Fill it up again.

Shake again.

And you do that repeatedly several times until the water is completely clear and there are no more skins flooding inside that water.

Then your leeches are ready to sit there for about the next week or so without you having to change their water again.

So one change last about a week maybe ten days it depends.

Depends of how many leeches you’ve got in the jar.

And it depends on how like the conditions.

How cold it is.

They love cold.

So keep them in a cold.

Make sure to keep them also away from direct sun light because direct sunlight they they they hate it.

They don’t like it.

They can’t properly chill out and relax in direct sunlight.

Now another think to keep in mind with leeches is keep them cold.

I already mention that but its important.

Don’t keep them in a warm place.

Keep them by the window maybe.

If your window is cracked open then you can put them on the floor under the window that is cracked open.

So all the cold air and freshness will come in and they also under the window.

So they are not in the direct sunlight.

Now you also don’t want to keep them away from sunlight all together for example in a dark cold way, in a bathroom, or even in a fridge.

Some people keep them in a fridge.

I don’t agree with that.

I am against that one hundred percents.

Don’t keep your leeches in the fridge because there is absolutely no light coming in there.

So your leeches will not gonna be happy and they are not gonna survive for a long time.

The survival rate with my leeches is almost one hundred percents.

So I don’t loose any leeches in the process of carrying for them and keeping them.

So you want to achieve the same thing.

And the two main points are get rid of your leech skins am as often as you possibly can.

Don’t fill up the jar too much with water because they don’t get any air and keep them in a cold and away from direct sun light.

So those are the main points.

Now keep in mind when you get your leeches in a jar they don’t always survive the journey.

So what you wana do is if they are dead just contact your supplier.

Show them a picture if they are dead show them a picture.

They will send you a new ones.

But usually if they travel about a week or ten days they will arrive alive.

Now also another very useful tool is this tons.

Now I call them leech handlers.

And they are very very useful.

They are extremely useful.

When you are actually handling leeches and you don’t wana handle them with your hands.

Sometimes you can’t because they are so sticky.

Am they got the two section suctions on both ends.

So the way this works is you see the tons have like round ends.

So then you just grab the leech and it just pulls right out you see.

Very cool huh?

So now I can transfer it right into my jar.


Also always make sure you are not am suffocating the leeches by tightening this this lid on top of them.

So make sure they are away from the neck of the jar when you tightening the jar lid.

Now you don’t need any holes on top of your jar.

The reason you don’t need any holes on top of your jar.

The reason you don’t need any holes is because they have enough air in here to survive the full week.

And thats the week that you are going to leave them in there, while they shade their skins and when you actually change the water after a week they will get new fresh air.

So you don’t have to worry about that.

When they do arrive in this bottle doll they will have air in there as well sufficient air.

But there is also holes on the bottles so this allows the bottle to breath even when its got the cap on.

You can still squeeze the bottle and it does breath.

So thats give them enough oxygen to survive the journey.

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