Background Information on Leech Therapy

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Leech therapy has been established as a naturopathic treatment for many centuries. During the treatment, the leech draws blood, which supports the detoxification of the body. At the same time, the leech releases anticoagulant, antithrombotic, antispasmodic and lymphatic accelerating agents with its saliva. Clinical studies have shown that osteoarthritis, back pain and tinnitus are positively influenced by leech therapy.

You can expect these goals with leech therapy from us in Leipzig:

Improve lymphatic drainage
Inhibit coagulation and improve the flow properties of the blood
Lower blood pressure
Combat acute and chronic joint problems or rheumatism
Fight otitis media and tinnitus
Alleviate varicose veins
Billing is based on the naturopath's fee schedule. In the case of eligible patients, the costs will be reimbursed, as well as in some private funds, depending on the contract.

In ancient Egypt, medical leeches were used to treat the sick. Leech therapy is therefore a naturopathic treatment that has been established for many centuries, the effectiveness of which has also been scientifically proven by several studies. The leech, a so-called ectoparasite, sucks on the skin of a warm-blooded host, in our case humans, inflicts a wound on the skin and sucks a small amount of blood from it. At the same time, it releases salivary gland cells and their ingredients into the wound.

Both the suction of the blood and the contents of the cells are of therapeutic importance. This supports the detoxification of the body, while at the same time the leech releases anticoagulant, antithrombotic and lymphatic accelerating agents through its saliva. Leech therapy is therefore used to prevent and dissolve blood clots, to relieve pain, to reduce inflammation in diseases of the inflammatory-rheumatic type and to improve blood circulation.

Although leech therapy has been used for millennia, most salivary proteins are still unknown to researchers. The thrombin inhibitor hirudin, which is also included, is known to medical practitioners, who use it as an anticoagulant.

Leech therapy is one of the offers of the Physiolounge Leipzig. Before we carry out this therapy for you, the therapist - as with all other forms of treatment offered - gets a comprehensive impression of your state of health.

The goals of leech therapy include:

Improvement of lymphatic drainage,
Inhibiting coagulation and improving the flow properties of the blood,
Lowering blood pressure,
Combating acute and rheumatic joint diseases,
Relief from varicose veins and
Combating tinnitus and otitis media.